Rewritten Prologue

They say writing is rewriting, no? This evening I placed myself upon this path. Once again, my main project is getting some attention. The first prologue I wrote for Nivitera’s Promise can be found here. This current blog is a rewrite of that. Is it better? Is it worse? I am honestly not sure. I suppose it is up to the audience to decide that. Enjoy!

NOTE: Not proofread.


Darkness lay draped across the landscape. Prominent was winter’s embrace. Leafless trees and frost covered pines swayed alike upon the frigid wind. The ground below remained frozen beneath a sheet of white. Among a million distant stars hung a single, pale blue moon. The moonlight provoked a masquerade of gentleness. Silence enhanced its charade; creating the illusion of calm and wellbeing within this world.

A lone wolf treaded through the snow; dashing ever onward. Four strong paws carried him with ease. His pelt equaled a night sky; one devoid of stars or moons. It rippled beneath a thin aura of white and pale blue hues. Gleaming as bright as the moon, a star-shaped stone sat within a ring of gold that encased a toe on his front left paw. A pair of determined eyes stared ahead; unblinking. The right held the blue of a summer evening while the left seemed reminiscent of this wolf’s only companion; the moon. Smooth as liquid he moved; flowing from one form into the next to carry himself apace. The encasing of blue and white cascaded about him in faultless concord with his being. With mind and stride solid as stone, he pushed himself forward.

A fortress of dark-grey stonework loomed in the distance. Four towers reached higher than ancient trees. The fifth tower, located in the very heart of the fortress, reached to the heavens and surpassed the blanket of stars; merging with the darkness itself. Two outer walls of lesser significance fortified the structure’s defenses.

Anxiety and instinct intensified within the black wolf as he surged forward; eyes fixed upon the massive structure. Adrenaline wormed its way through his system; accelerating his movements. His nostrils flared as a familiar scent found him. This scent had driven his departure from him. This scent had pushed him to run for days. This scent made him lust for blood. This scent drove him mad.

As the amount of surrounding trees thinned, the true size of the fortress became evident. Beyond the titanic walls that stretched to either side beyond the wolf’s sight, the keep itself was both gargantuan and herculean. Its massive size and architectural design served to attenuate any who desired to besiege it. It portended evil and harm, yet the wolf discarded any admonishing feelings. Every beat of his heart pushed him forward until he reached the first barrier between him and his target.

With complete mitigation for his own wellbeing, he hurdled toward the obstruction of bricks. The whiteness of his jaws glittered in the light of the pale moon as he parted his fangs and released a growl from deep within his throat. The thin aura of white and blue grew in size around him and surrounded him in a thick whirlwind that whipped his ears about and tore at his fur.

A thud, a crack and finally a complete burst announced that a hole now existed within the stone wall. Dust drifted through the air and sought its way earthwards; the remnants of the obsidian wolf’s dilapidation. The beast ran onwards; conviction in both eyes. Fortitude existed within every inch of the wind-enveloped creature as he leaped forward and crushed a portion of the second bulwark. The colossal edifice remained.

While the dust dwindled about around him, the wolf gathered himself and studied his surroundings meticulously. Beneath him, an expanse of snow-covered grass climbed a steady incline to the location of the fort. A handful of trees stood scattered about in a natural fashion. The sharp peaks of rocks displayed themselves above the frosty blanket. Wind was naught due to the loftiness of the fortifications. What air remained smelled faintly of pine wood. Thick as honey remained the smell of the wolf’s target. His hunt was upon its closure. Hope he held for a positive denouement.

 While vigilant, the wolf ran. His paws consumed several meters in seconds; closing the distance between himself and his objective. Every pulse within him drove him onwards; sending renewed vitality into his blood stream. His teeth remained ajar and the wind around him remained vast; its potency evident from the acceleration it gifted to the wolf within its midst.

Darting by trees and jumping over rocks with seeming ease, the wolf hastened until he reached what had lured him. The deep grey rock of the building seemed darker than shadow though it was not. The four outer turrets seemed to reach higher than the moon, while the summit of the final tower penetrated the starlit ceiling itself and stretched beyond. Granite constructed the entirety of the building. Following along it, the wolf ran while his eyes flicked from side to side in a desperate attempt to find a method of entry.

In the distance, a thin line of golden light extended from the fortress and stretched across the snow. With conspicuous excitement, the wolf leaped forward; eyes glued to the phenomenon. Within several seconds, he discovered the source. Two large, wooden doors that stood taller than two men, allowed a slim strip of light to pass outward. A disesteemed expression gripped the wolf’s face as he stood before the massive objects. The aura of wind around him hissed with contempt before lashing forward like hungry flames and ramming into the doors.

A creak sounded. A clang followed. The doors became undone. A second wind erupted from the wolf as he stood snarling. As if light as paper, the doors swung inwards and hit the walls beyond with an audible bang. The opulent interior revealed itself.

Carpets of lavish red lay draped across the polished marble floors. Extensive abstract designs had been woven into the rugs. The pale white walls shimmered. Large pillars sat at regular intervals within the corridors to support the massiveness of the structure. Large, exaggerated paintings hung from the walls. The images depicted wars of the past or great heroes. Valor was evident upon all their faces. Fire-breathing dragons were seen fighting legions of men and women. Dramatized displays of magics defeated entire armies. These were the stories of old.

Flames that drifted above bright red stones which had been set into the walls lit the corridors. Where carpets did not lay, extensive floor work was equally impressive. Mosaics depicted the sun and the movement of the moons. Entire constellations found representations beneath the feet of those who wandered these halls.

Few they were, the wolf knew. Aside from himself, the halls were empty and silence reigned. Far beyond, the distant howl of the natural wind howled.

His own winds subsided as he pointed his nose downward and sought for an ever-familiar smell. Race did his heart. Every beat equaled a heavy drum within his chest. He was close. The sensation dwelled within every bone and every nerve.

Her scent filled him; surprisingly floral yet sharp. Upon finding the odor within his nostrils, he instantaneously moved. Appetence filled him and his instinct thrived. Blood, thirst, craving; boundless sensations occupied his heart and mind. Desires tyrannized logic. Sense scattered.

The scent intensified and drew the wolf through empty corridors with an august appearance until he reached a pair of elaborately carved wooden doors. Countless animals sat upon the polished wood and golden handles held the room shut.

It took but one leap.

Bolstered by the power of air, the wolf flung himself headfirst in the direction of the doors. Clattering, creaking and cracking sounds echoed throughout the corridor as the doors shattered and pieces of wood of various sizes were flung about in a chaotic manner. The hinges rattled where they sat from the impact while nails rolled across the floor and the golden knobs became buried underneath the heavy wood splinters.

Inward he walked; across the bed of rubble below his feet. His eyes never moved from what he observed within. Paces deliberate yet measured, the wolf moved toward her.

A chamber, generous in size, presented itself. Arsenic green marble floors gleamed. An extensive of bright maroon stretched from the entrance to the opposing end of the room where an elevated platform had been built. Walls of cool grey marble were covered in elaborate tapestries of vibrant hues. From the ceiling hung a multitude of chandeliers made entirely made of gold and silver. The collection hung upon the vivid carpet below. Dazzling white light emanated from them and caused the gemstones within the ceiling to glitter. Emeralds, sapphires, rubies and amethyst sparkled in unison.

Upon the raised platform stood a single chair as elaborate as a throne and taller than any man. The object seemed to be constructed from nothing but silver or a likewise metal. The legs of the object curved like snakes and were inlaid with precious gems akin to diamonds. The back, seat and manchette were covered in cushioning across which lay fabrics of electric violet with lilac floral patterns interwoven into the fabric. Upon the cresting rail rested three crowns; all of gold. The first seemed to be inlaid with clear blue apatite and aquamarines. The second held several citrines and garnets. The final crown was decorated with lapis lazuli and opals.

The elaborate cathedra held an occupied. A woman sat upon it with an unusually relaxed air about her. Thick, raven-black hair hung behind her to the ends of her shoulder blades. They cascaded and framed her pale, refined face. Perceptive, cat-like eyes watched the world with large pupils that swam within clouds of grey. Long black lashes framed her eyes; curling elegantly upwards. Thin, perfectly symmetrical brows sat above her twin storms. A slim nose sat above thin, pink lips. A choker around her slender neck, displayed a gemstone that glowed. The colors within seemed to be fluid as they changed, swayed and moved of its own accord. The object cast a ring of soft, colorful light upon the woman’s skin.

Her shoulders, round and high, remained bare; displaying countless square inches of bare skin. Her upper arms remained alike. Slender, black gloves extended from elbows to her hands, where the fabric wrapped only around her thumb but left the remainder of her fingers bare. Small obsidians decorated the backs of these gloves. A tunic of warm grey clung to her hourglass figure. Onyxes and obsidians lined the sweetheart neckline. A black leather belt wrapped around her waist. From it hung countless knives of various sizes and proportions. Their bare blades swayed as she moved. Her lengthy, thin legs, that extended from her wide hips were clad in black leggings and extended into black leather boots that held a wide heel.

A virtuous smile held her lips and her eyes gleamed with interest. “Well then.” she spoke, her melodic voice carrying throughout the entire chamber. Its warmth eclipsed the summer sun.

The wolf remained silent as he strode forward; jaws bared and eyes ablaze with hatred.

Drawing a finger to her lips, the woman made herself look thoughtful. “It seems you have made a spectacle of destroying my residence, hmm?” she hummed sweetly.

The wolf halted after having crossed half the distance to her. His eyes of opposing blue watched her attentively. In doing so, his pupils never left and his lids never blinked. From deep within his throat one word came in a deep rumble. It struck not the walls but was audible to the woman’s ears nonetheless. “Licia.”

She remained smiling as she gave him an affirmative nod. Her formerly upraised hand she placed back upon the arm rest; returning to her gracious demeanor. “And whom might you be?” she inquired.

The wolf’s tone was precarious as he replied, “You ask the name of your murderer?”

Licia tilted her head curiously before she answered, “There is that chance.” Her smile widened and she laughed; a cold giggle echoed throughout the room. As abruptly as its inception, the sound died away as the grey eyes rolled and found an unexpected object. “My, my.” she hummed while tapping the fingers of her left hand atop the armrest of her chair. The motion was soundless. “I did not think I would be blessed with an audience such as yourself.” she pronounced with a serious expression.

The wolf clasped down his teeth in a sharp chomp. “My status has little to do with my objective. I may hold the Wind Sword yet your blood might still spill for me, Licia the Black.” he growled.

With a soft click of the heel of her boot being placed beside the other, Licia uncrossed her legs and rose to her feet. “You amuse me.” she stated. “As do many of your brethren. I knew one such as you. A kind soul he was.” she explained as she stepped down from the raised plateau.

“How a wretched being such as yourself obtained friendship is a mysterious occurrence; likewise, is that you obtained Vi’s favor.” Still growling, the wolf sank deeper through his legs. The current of winds around him moved more sporadically as his mood shifted to an intense state.

“Hmm.” Licia hummed, “Do you object?”

“The world does.” the black wolf replied with a violent snarl.

The comment caused the woman to roll her eyes, seeming to be miffed. Whilst taking a step nearer to her opponent, the woman raised up both her hands and connected her first two fingers with her thumb before moving both towards the crystal at her throat. Upon her fingers connected with the surface of the glowing object, the colorful light found itself substituted. For the duration of a second, the light was white and staggering. As the illumination faded, Licia drew forth two objects.

In each hand, she held a rapier of a brilliant steel that held impeccable luster. The pommels were a deep black while the handles seemed white beneath her hands. The guards of both held a reflective brilliance to them; causing the ceiling lights to dance upon them. The crossbar seemed to hold a bronze sheen to it. The blade itself, from the ricasso to the debole held resemblance to silver intermingled with white gold. What made the swords remarkably however, was the glaze of transparent color that lay over each. This enamel created of nothing but energy acted in the same way as its source. Colors swam and swirled; ever-changing and undefinable. These thin, intangible layers cast no light but demanded attention of no lesser scale than the gem that had created it was due. At the very tip of each blade sat a tiny sparkle; unseen when the blades were still in the air, but flaring up as the blade moved; its intensity emphasized by the speed of action.

Licia’s smile returned to her as she raised her blades appropriately. “Now then.” she proceeded in a lukewarm tone. “We shall dance with destiny, Wind Wolf.”

Winds lashed about and blades glinted with every movement. The snow remained beyond. The moon was still full. The wind howled and the trees continue to sway. Morning would still come yet one less life would find it alive. Tonight, blood was spilled but it belonged to one and one alone.


Arroyina: Power Gems

Magic cardThe planet that features Nivitera’s Promise is named Arroyina. Powers granted by the gods govern the planet. These powers are contained in magical artifacts known as power gems; enchanted crystals that can be found throughout the world. The kingdom of Hyron, located to the northeast upon the mainland, mines a lot of these gems. This creates an intricate balance between Hyron and its neighbors.

Strengths of power gems

The power contained within each gem is different. Like a vessel, the gem contains a certain amount of energy. When channeling the magic through a power gem, the user must learn to use an appropriate amount to create certain scenarios. Additionally, the more skilled and experienced users can create a larger outcome with less energy because they know precisely how to use the energy in the gem.

Like a vessel does, the gem can run out of energy. It then grows dull and its qualities become nullified. Though it is tricky, a power gem’s user can transfer their own energy into the gem. This is however not a practice that many use since it is very dangerous and could cause a user to lose control of the flow of energy.

While using a power gem, the user will continuously feel a battle of wills. The power gem can easily overpower a user and burn them out or kill them. The user must maintain focus in order to place barriers on the gem’s energy. This makes combat using the objects very difficult due to the amount of distractions. Therefore, many aspiring young people must meditate for countless hours before they acquire their first gem from their tutors.

Types of power gems

Gems appear in various categories, depending on the consequences they can trigger. The groupings are as follows;

  • Common gems
  • Uncommon gems
  • Special gems
  • Rare gems
  • Divine gems

Common gems


Fire gems vary in color from yellow to orange to red to violet. The stone is generally warm, unless there is little to no power remaining within the gem. If it is empty or small, it is colder to the touch.


Water gems are violet, a shade of blue or turquoise. Some are dark enough to be perceived as black. Water gems define themselves by their dark colors and flowing shapes. The edges are always rounded. If a stone is empty or weak, the color will be fainter. If the gem is powerful and/or full, the color is more vivid.


Air gems are light colors. Colors that are included are light hues of grey, white, silver, light blue, light green, light violet, light red, soft pink or vanilla yellow. Gems full of power and energy are lighter. If a stone is empty, it will feel heavier.


Earth gems have deep colors. They are brown, grey or a shade of green; reaching from lime to turquoise. A powerful gem is heavy and resillient. A weak stone is lighter and is more easily harmed. It can become chipped or scarred.


Ice gems are (as the name would suggest) icy colored. Grey, white, silver or light blue is what defines the gem physically. Powerwise, an ice gem is rather cold to the touch. A cool stone is weaker than an actually chilly gem.


A lightning gem is white, yellow or vivid blue. There is no ‘in between’ color. A lightning gem feels ‘tingly’ when touched. It feels dull when it is weak or powerless.

Uncommon gems


A shadow gem is black without exception. However, a power gem is hard to see because it is surrounded in a coat of shadow. Upon holding it, one’s fingers can be coated in this shadow as well. However the coat of darkness is not felt. The power gem uses darkness to power attacks or defenses.


A light gem is white without exceptions. The stone gives off a bright glow however. It can be quite painful to look at, depending on how strong the gem is. The gem is used to manifest light as an element to manipulate into obeying.


A mineral gem can be any color. However, the gem is commonly a mixture of any and all colors; seemingly covered in a plasma of interlocking, vaguely flowing colors. It is not grey, unless empty. Mineral gems allow a person to change atoms to create one element out of others. It is a difficult art and thus a rare kind. It is often used for alchemy, however.


Sound gems aren’t defined by color. They can be any color. However they can be felt vibrating; like a beating heart. A faster beat defines more energy. Sound gems can be used to create and manipulate sound waves. These waves can be of frequencies higher than humans can perceive.

Special gems


A time gem corresponds with the color of the sky at the given moment. At night it is dark. At day, it is lighter. The power gem allows one to stop, speed up or slow time.However, the power gem of time is not an oracle. It can not tell what the future holds. Time travel to the past isn’t possible either. However one can use the gem to retrieve what has happened in the past. Though the time gem freezes time, the user can push themselves through the barriers of being frozen. But it is like ripping their body through glass. It will cut them up and injure them; depending on how strong the time barrier is.


A blood gem is crimson red. It expands and contracts steadily like a heart would. The power gem of blood allows a person to manipulate their own blood or that of another in any way they desire. They can stoll it, speed it up, move it, heat it, cool it. However the gem’s usage is a strain upon one’s own heart since the power gem beats in accordance with the heart of the user.


Cosmic gems are dark with bright spots. The brighter the spots, the stronger the gem is. The cosmic gem allows a person to summon the powers of the universe; hypernovas, supernovas and black holes. Using these powers expose the user to the radiation that outer space would provide.

Rare gems


The spirit gem is transparent. Within it glows the color of the mood of the controller of the spirit gem. It is as strong or weak as the holder of it is. The spirit gem opens the gate between the physical realm and the spirit realm and can draw forth spirits from the other dimension. It can also bring people from the physical world to the spirit  world. Only one spirit gem exists.

Divine gems

The divine gems are special in their own right. Only one of each exists. Each gem links to the god who resides over them. They must be earned. They will not work for anyone but a chosen subject.

Ni’s gem

Ni is the god of courage. His gem is white with intricate patterns of black lines across the surface. What these patterns say, only the gods themselves can divine. The gem grants a user the ability to expand his or her courage to others and to become more intimidating towards others.

Vi’s gem

As Vi is the goddess of strength and power, her gem allows such advantages to its user. It can weaken an opponent and amplify the user’s powers. The gem itself is a blend of magenta, yellow and cyan. These colors cover the surface of the gem in small patches; the edges of each part sharp as a knife so no colors intertwine with others.

Te’s gem

Te is the god of wisdom and knowledge. Her gem grants the user insights that would be unknown to others. It can also partially purge the minds of others. The gem itself is covered in intricate patterns of green, purple and red. The shapes bend and loop around one another but never blend.

Ra’s gem

Finally, Ra reigns over loyalty and selflessness. His gem does nothing such as bind others. It does not cause subjects to become loyal to the other. It does not create kindness either. It simply creates amplified feelings in those around it. Ra, being considered the final god, has all colors upon his gem; in patterns and swirls. The design of it is, understandably, unlike any human art but it is art in its own right.

For a full account of the gods of this world, see this post.

This has been a brief explanation on magical powers used within my magical world.

May destiny be kind to you.

Trizzy’s Creature Compendium #9: Ember Souls

Welcome to Trizzy’s Creature Compendium! I like to write about all the magical creatures I have made up in my lifetime. Though I wish I was, I am not a physical artist and thus I do not have pictures to add to these posts. Regardless, I hope these entries inspire fellow fantasy writers.

Ember souls

Basic information

Category: Magical creatures
Intelligence: Average
Power: Fire-based magic
Size: Above average

Serpents, birds, lions, scorpions; the ember souls appear in many shapes and sizes. Their bodies blaze like the sun with heat as intense as that within the planet itself. Though they are rarely seen among the human world, several have been sighted and have been considered the greatest horror in history.

A handful of brave souls however, have managed to tame these spirits and bend them to their will; placing them into metaphorical chains. This allows the master to control the beast.


Ember souls reside within the flame dimension, which is thought to be the resting place of the Divine Phoenix; who was one of the six deities that the gods summoned to bring life and order to the world.

The flame dimension is a parallel world of existence that can be entered through portals or through powerful magics. The realm is engulfed in flame and crimson clouds drift within a gloomy sky. It is warm and dark. Religious figures have established it as the equivalent of ‘hell’ in appearance.

Unlike the dimension that it mirrors, there are no recognizable landmarks to humans. This is because humans are not in tune with the energy of the flame dimension. Creatures native to this realm however, see and sense the world in a completely different way and can thus navigate it. Other creatures will likely become lost among the fires.


Ember souls encompass the essence that is fire. When unchained, their appearances shift as their wills do. They can scatter their flames about in a cloud or collect it all into a dense collection of fire. They can also embody mystical creatures or animals from the human world. However, these beasts can only become what they can imagine perfectly within their mind.

When chained by a master, their wills become scattered. They become subject to the will and whim of their master. This also means that it is harder for the being to force its will in a certain direction. Therefore, many chained ember souls only embody one creature; commonly one chosen by the master or one that they existed within before being chained.

Ember souls are agender. They reproduce by evicting part of themselves and thus creating a new being out of their own flames. This also means that the new creature gains a soul and is thus different from its parent.

Generalized personality

The personality traits associated with ember souls are greatly different from those associated with humans or any being on the plane of existence that humanoids inhabit. The reason for this is that the creatures live in a completely different dimension. Within their world, other priorities exist than those of humanoids. Their behaviour reflects this.

What little can be said is that chained ember souls commonly are stimulated by their masters to display certain traits. This will essentially mold them to the liking of the one who controls them.

Likewise do their minds work in an altered fashion. Their method of communication is different and is therefore hard to grasp for humanoids. This can create great friction between the ember soul and the master. Additionally, the creatures do not thrive oon intelligence.


Ember souls do not live in structures of any kind. They simply exist in their world. They often blend in as smoothly as glass would in water. Unexperienced persons would not know the difference between natural fire and an ember soul. The creatures are not strongly aware of a balance in power and status. They do however fight one another now and then; the end goal being to weaken the opponent so much that it burns itself out. Losing energy to maintain the fire of the ember souls means they could perish.

World involvement

Rarely are ember souls seen in the world of humans. They do not come by choice to the parallel world since it is unfamiliar and strange to them and it makes them feel unsafe. Though, a select few have chased humans through a portal to take revenge on them as the humans attempted to chain the beasts. The result was a rain of crimson embers. This has given the beasts a terrible reputation and they are believed to be extremely hostile.

Only the most powerful of humans can chain these beasts. What they do is exhaust the creatures until they nearly burn out and then nurture their fire with a flame they create themselves. In doing so, they create a fiery bind to the being. This then links the ember soul to the human until one of them passes.

Modern laws require that the chains that the masters create are passed on to other humans if the current master should pass. This is done through exceptionally powerful magic. The reason for this is to ensure the creatures will not destroy the world upon gaining their freedom.

Skills and abilities

As their name would explain, ember souls have power over fire. As they age and gain experience in life, they become more powerful in the use of their powers. The most ancient ember soul was thought to be the Divine Phoenix, who had enough power to lay entire planes of existence to waste. Yet whether this creature was truly an ember soul is still not confirmed. Its divine nature makes it hard to investigate.

Nevertheless, the powers these beings wield is feared and for good reason. Despite their fire-based nature, they are not weak to water or other natural elements. It is nearly impossible to harm one since they do not feel pain nor do they have a system that keeps them alive in the same way that humans do. This is why they have become formidable weapons and expensive luxuries. Due to their strangeness, many beings forget that they too are sentient. Nonetheless, some outlandish spells have managed to harm the beings.

Power spectrum

The method to defeating an ember soul lies in endurance. Only when exhausting one can it be defeated since it could burn itself out. Exceptional magic can perform this or exercising the creature excessively will also do the trick.

Who Am I? (2)

It’s been well over a year and a half since I wrote my last version of Who Am I. I thought, since I have been changing and developing, I might as well write another one so I can update the world of my whereabouts and add new ones. So here we go again; for the second time.

  1. I own six polar bear plushes, two cats, three unicorns, three horses, two foxes and one Toothless.
  2. Dresses are pleasant to me.
  3. I consider snails to be adorable.
  4. Red and white are the colors in my living room.
  5. I am an idealist.
  6. Broccoli is my favorite vegetable.
  7. I enjoy the beach.
  8. Fantasy is my preferred genre in every form of media.
  9. I am an introvert.
  10. Nowadays, I am a D&D player.
  11. I have two full shelves of books.
  12. My day usually starts with growling at the world.
  13. I am interested in understanding other religions.
  14. My preferred senses are hearing and touch.
  15. I played the trumpet when I was a child.
  16. I find glowsticks to be amusing.
  17. Stars are fascinating to me.
  18. I have a small collection of overly colorful sun hats.
  19. Light letters on dark backgrounds are easier for me to read.
  20. I can draw cats and dragons.
  21. I am a perfectionist.
  22. Reincarnation seems probable to me.
  23. ‘Pedantic’ is probably my favorite word.
  24. I believe the soul is immortal.
  25. The only vocabulary word I learned in high school was ‘xenophobia’.
  26. I am able to fend.
  27. Now and then the world makes me sad.
  28. I prefer the sound of male voices over female voices.
  29. Aside from nail polish, I never wear make-up.
  30. My patience is nearly infinite.
  31. I have about five full diaries.
  32. Freedom is important to me.
  33. I once experienced a tarot card reading.
  34. Many of the products in my house are vegan.
  35. I am a member of the political party concerned with the environment and equality.
  36. Stress is uncommon in me.
  37. I have dual citizenship.
  38. Responsibility, ambition and a willingness to smile are the three most attractive traits to me.
  39. I am shorter than both my parents and both my brothers.
  40. The letters A and L seem feminine to me.
  41. ‘Pretty’ things appeal to me.

Trizzy’s Creature Compendium #8: Crystal dragons

Welcome to Trizzy’s Creature Compendium! I like to write about all the magical creatures I have made up in my lifetime. Though I wish I was, I am not a physical artist and thus I do not have pictures to add to these posts. Regardless, I hope these entries inspire fellow fantasy writers.

Crystal dragons

Basic information

Category: Winged beasts
Intelligence: Positive
Power: Fire-breath, physical, magical
Size: Large

These winged beasts are traditionally known as crystal dragons but are commonly called dragons. They come in various colors and builds. Generally they are the rulers of the heavens and keep a grip on their domain upon wings of grand magnificence. Scholars write of their ancient existence and of the specimens that exerted change on the grandest of scales; scales as brilliant as those that coat the beings themselves. Though each of these creatures is unique in their own right, the various sub-races share general appearances, magical skills or personality traits.


No one can confirm the origin of the dragons within this world. Many wise persons have concluded that their origin is the continent itself. Few remains of the great beasts have been found on the islands surrounding the continent. Though the islands are barren, there is no evidence for or against this having been the landscape’s condition in ancient times.

Sub races

As of today, eight sub-races are known.

  • Amethyst
  • Calcite: blue
  • Calcite: orange
  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Onyx
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire

Each of the sub races is defined by their coloration and the gemstone that is located within their forehead. Though these gems were once thought to be natural crystals, they are organs that look likewise to gemstones; thus earning these dragons their names.

General appearances

These creatures are dragons in the traditional sense of the word. They are large lizards with wings. They have diamond-shaped heads with wide fangs that contain razor-sharp teeth. Large eyes of distinct colors sit at each side of the gem within their foreheads. A set of horns decorate the top of their heads; in-between which sits the first spike of a long row that trails down the neck, back and to the tail.

A long snake-like neck connects their noble heads to their shoulders. Slim bodies connect the shoulders and the extensive tail that is used for steering. A small fan or a collection of spikes sits at the end of their bodies to assist during flight. Four short but sturdy legs sit beneath the being. From them extend a set of claws. Elbows and knees are also surrounded by sharp spikes. Across their entire body are small plated scales.

From each shoulder extends a wing that, when fully spread and combined with the other wing, is larger than the dragon’s whole body. The wings are constructed from thin bone between which sit membranes of translucent colors. At the tip of each bone sits a small claw.

Appearances by sub race


Amethyst dragons are lilac in color. The membranes of their wings are usually a dark translucent violet. Their claws, horns and spikes are either an equal violet or are a pale white. Their eyes vary from silver to lilac to even sky blue. Amethysts are usually associated with characteristics such as love or pride.

Calcite: blue

Blue calcites are turquoise with a blue overhead. Their undersides and wings are commonly an icy blue or another variation of a pale and light blue hue. Horns and spikes can be a deeper blue but are usually white or grey. Claws are more commonly a darker blue color. The eyes can be silver, grey, white, blue or a shade of green that comes close to turquoise. The blue calcite is commonly associated with conservation and protection.

Calcite: orange

Orange calcite dragons are covered in golden scales, which has often made them very valuable prey to people. Their wings are a shade of yellow that is usually lighter than the dragon’s scales. Its horns, claws and other offensive attributes range from beige to a shade of yellow to very dark yellow. These golden beasts are associated with self-confidence and wisdom.


The diamond dragon is as white as snow in all of its attributes. Its wings, claws, scales, spikes and horns all come in a shimmering white hue that is unblemished. Diamonds are also the most rare sub race due to their gentle and shy natures. This also reflects in the kindness and enlightenment that they represent. Their eyes, either white or silver, are prone to displaying these traits fully. Now and then, diamond dragons have been known to summon the might of the divine.


Green like fields or forests, emeralds come in many shades of green. This makes it so that every emerald’s appearance varies and each of them are unique. Emeralds are usually a bit smaller and bulkier than the other dragons. They rely less on flight because they can easily camouflage themselves in the forest. Their affinity with the earth and land gave them the association with health, wellbeing, growth and wealth.


Onyx dragons, as their name implies, are black. Their features are often accented with grey, such as in the wings. The eyes, contrary to the limits in body colors, can truly have any color. They can inherit an eye color from a parent or gain a color that no other dragon race holds. This can make onyxes quite unique. Additionally, onyxes are the only dragons that are internally and externally magic. Unlike diamonds who now and then gain the support of a divine being, onyxes can cast their own magic at will. This makes them quite formidable. Due to this, onyxes are seen as the embodiment of magic itself.


Ruby dragons are generally considered to be the most beautiful dragons. Not only are their bodies in perfect proportion, they have the most refined features. Their scales, usually a variation of red-orange, tend to have an orange glow over them. Their wings tend to hold the color with which they glow. Claws, horns and spikes are usually a deep red. Though their eyes are red, they can hold an endless amount of kindness and grace within. Rubies are reflective of power and royalty because of these features.


Sapphires are a deep shade of blue that tends to reflect light with ease. They can be lightning blue, steel blue or any variation in-between. Their wings tend to hold the same color or a darker variation of it. Their horns, spikes and claws are equally so or they are slightly lighter. Greys are also an option. Their eyes come in many colors as well; silver, grey, white, pale blue, dark blue or even indigo. This dragoon is associated with courage.


In nature, crystal dragons live in small bands called clans. The members of these bands can contain members from all sub races, though diamonds tend to be solitary creatures. The clan tens to contain a handful of adults ranging from six to ten and their hatchlings.

Dragons mate for life. Their choosing in a mate can take quite some time. This is partly due to the fact that dragons age slowly and can also become very old. Usually their first priority in life is not to find a mate but to achieve other goals. Should their mate die, however, a dragon will rarely find another unless out of necessity. This is highly unusual behaviour however. A pair of dragons tend to have but one nest that contains three to six eggs. The parents raise the hatchlings together and will remain in contact with them even after they have matured and have departed. Family bonds tend to be strong among dragon families, even if the members end up in different clans.

World involvement

Dragons are fairly pacifistic by nature however they have been involved in wars with mankind in the past. Nowadays though, the two species live in harmony within this world. Though not bonded by any kind of magic, some dragons have found strong friendships in humans and have created their own bonds through the power of the cyrstals they carry.

Skills and abilities

All dragons are able to breathe fire as they mature. Many are also skilled fighters; armed with powerful talons, jaws, claws and wings. Their scales are nearly impossible to pierce through with simple weapons.

As mentioned, diamond dragons can call forth the powers of the divine sporadically. Their sentiment for the world is different than that of other dragons so their use of the power is unorthodox. Onyxes can cast magic at varying levels.

Additionally, some dragons can learn specialized powers. For example, sapphires can learn to breathe ice. The specifics of these powers is highly unknown due to the scarcity of it.

Power spectrum

Statistically, the only creature that can defeat a dragon, is another dragon. In history, few humans or any other beings have been able to truly harm a dragon. Never has any other creature been able to kill a dragon.

Another Reason to Write

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pen cartoonMy life would make for a terrible novel and an even worse movie. As a series, there would be too little material to make a show or it would become repetitive every episode, really. I don’t do outrageous things. I don’t take on great challenges. I am not within the midst of conflict. My life is quite bland.

I am however not concerned with any of that. I am in a place in my life that I like. I enjoy my studies. The people around me are exceptionally kind and caring. I have no negative persons in my life. I am safe. I am warm. I am well fed. My hobbies are mainly writing, reading and video games. Now and then I watch Netflix or watch Critical Role on YouTube. I am an introvert. I do not go out and party and meet interesting people every week.

My life is plain. My life is simple. I dare say, some would call it boring.

I disagree.

What gives my life meaning is exactly the same thing that makes it so simple. The few people I have in my life, I deeply care for. The conversations that I have with them are so rich and expansive. The places I visit through books and games and even through writing, make me feel like my life is beyond full. The images that are placed within my mind and the thoughts that dwindle are what make life worth it. To me, my life is a collection of wisdom and knowledge; delivered through me in the manner that they are.

Live good. Live with morale. Live wisely.

These aspects also encompass my four principles.

All these things though, I want to share with the world. I want to be kind to others directly but I also want them to feel the things I do when experiencing the written word. I wondered to myself earlier; “Why should I write? It does not make me a better or more fulfilled person to publish a book.” I then resumed to think of what books do for me; the richness and pleasant feeling they deliver to my life. I am not sure that I can be as good as the authors that I read but perhaps I will be. Then, why would I withhold my words from the world if it makes others happy? Why not make the world better with my own written words and images?

I would be robbing the future.

Trizzy’s Creature Compendium #7: Deep-dwellers

Welcome to Trizzy’s Creature Compendium! I like to write about all the magical creatures I have made up in my lifetime. Though I wish I was, I am not a physical artist and thus I do not have pictures to add to these posts. Regardless, I hope these entries inspire fellow fantasy writers.


Basic information

Category: Humanoids
Intelligence: Positive
Power: Physical, magical
Size: Average

Deep-dwellers are humanoid beings of the night that dwell in caves or forests. They live at night and have perfect vision in near-dark. They are lithe and can move silently and climb trees effectively. Their endurance is generally extensive; making it easy for them to run long distances. Even the children are expected to move fast and quietly. Though they are not evil, their primal natures and appearances gains them a negative reputation.


Deep-dwellers’ roots cross those of goldians and cowbras. Considered cousins in the evolutionary tree, these three races share many characteristics. All of these races are nomadic to a reasonable extent. What separates the races from one another is their physical characteristics, their preference of terrain, their societies and a handful of other cultural aspects.

Due to their close heritages, these races are known to now and then have an offspring of two races. These offspring are called wilders and are often left to survive on their own at a young age.


Deep-dwellers are taller than average humans. They are thin-limbed but wide hips, torsos and feet. Their skins are dark blue but vary in hues. Hair colors range from black to brown to shades of blue. Their yellow eyes and fangs give them nearly cat-like features. Add to this their thin, white claws to create a feline human. Some deep-dwellers wear garments but only to subdue the cold. They do not believe in clothing or armor for other uses.

Generalized personality

Most deep-dwellers are introverts. Though they are fairly pacifistic, they are primal. Because of this, they will defend themselves or hunt down prey. Deep-dwellers are carnivores so they need to hunt to survive. They often do so in groups to optimize their strategy and chances.

Because of their preferred environments, deep-dwellers are in tune with nature. They understand flora and fauna. They are excellent trackers because of their love and understanding of their surroundings. They are highly perceptive and intuitive. Deep-dwellers are not family-oriented but they are still very nurturing towards children, which is also an affect of their love of nature. They will lash out to protect their young or the forest.

Some deep-dwellers enjoy artistic outlets such as music or imagery. Many deep-dwellers can not read or write. They do not find it useful. What matters to an average deep-dweller is obtaining inner peace and being content with the world as it is, no matter how good or evil it currently is.


Deep-dwellers live in small groups of about five. They roam about with spouses and children, in groups of friends or groups of siblings who were sent away by their parents. In this formation, they move about; never staying too long in one place.

A pair will birth three or two young at a time. Young dwellers are raised by their parents, unless they are wilders. Wilders are often left to fend for themselves at a young age. Deep-dwellers will raise their true blood to adolescents, however. They will teach the necessities of survival such as hunting, tracking and hiding.

When the twins or triplets are considered of age by the parents, they leave their parents and rarely look back. From then on, they no longer consider one another to be family. The siblings sometimes travel together for a while. Deep-dwellers usually find a mate for life though this can differ depending on the personality of those involved. Often times, a mate of these siblings will join the small party until the pair eventually moves away on their own.

Aside from these arrangements, deep-dwellers rarely engage with other creatures. They are not necessarily hostile towards others but can be reluctant to be welcoming as well. The situation is highly defining.

World involvement

Few deep-dwellers are seen among domestic locations. They do not come near cities or other settlements. The reason that civilization is familiar with them is because travelers and rangers have seen them while in the forests. Yet, even this is a rare situation because they are excellent at hiding and sneaking. Because of this, some only believe them to be an urban myth or even to be an extinct race.

Skills and abilities

Because of their deep connection with nature, some deep-dwellers have developed druidic skills. Many deep-dwellers can use herbs to heal while others can use the power of nature directly to cure others. These powers are not commonly used for violence but they can be. A rare few of these druidic deep-dwellers have created connections with certain animals, making it possible for them to morph into these animals temporarily. All of these druids commonly use the powers of earth and water and sometimes air. They use their powers for self-defense, if anything.

Power spectrum

The difficulty with fighting a deep-dweller is that they are extremely quick. Non-druidic dwellers use their fangs and claws to defend themselves. Druidic dwellers can flee with ease when transforming into animals or they will use the environment around them to shape a defensive barrier of some sort.

However, deep-dwellers are fairly frail. For all their speed and magic, they can easily be injured when caught. They do not have sturdy skin nor do they enjoy armor. This means that a fight is practically over if an enemy can trap a deep-dweller.

Gifting on Valentine’s

This past Wednesday, it was the 14th of February, as your calendar may have indicated. It was the day of hearts, cards and chocolates. I only got a few emoji versions of the first. Yet again, I had no cards or chocolates to enjoy. What I did however enjoy was my day off from classes and the company of my pseudo-Valentine; kind of so and kind of no.

A long-distance romance doesn’t offer much though aside from company. Unless you are called Tristin and decide that that is not enough. I made my Valentine a personalized gift.

Color cats with background and heart

I spent quite some time drawing it. I forgot the time and also my homework. I had also intended to write a post for Friday but failed quite extraordinarily. Thusly, I am sticking with this off-topic and artsy post instead and I’m leaving it at that. Wednesday’s post is already scheduled so no worries there.

Have a nice weekend and may destiny be kind to you!

Trizzy’s Creature Compendium #6: Duskfairies

Welcome to Trizzy’s Creature Compendium! I like to write about all the magical creatures I have made up in my lifetime. Though I wish I was, I am not a physical artist and thus I do not have pictures to add to these posts. Regardless, I hope these entries inspire fellow fantasy writers.


Basic information

Category: Fairies
Intelligence: Positive
Power: Magic
Size: Small

Both powerful as allies and enemies, these interdimensional creatures roam a world of their own. Their objectives, often misunderstood or skewed, very strongly from those upon other planes of existence. Their dimension of origin, after all, has different dilemmas and conflicts. Thus, these creatures handle life in a completely different way.


Duskfairies evolved within their own realm to become a leading race among their own world. Their heritage is questionable. Scholars suspect that their former evolutions have vanished into the sands of time. The fairies themselves are not concerned with their lineage. They are not known to dwell on the past.


Duskfairies vary in appearance to fairies of light. The wings, that seem to take resemblance to those of butterflies, are often of dark blues and violets with intervals of grey or silver. Their bodies are rather small and covered in short fur that is green, blue, turquoise or in rare instances a vivid orange. Rather than legs, these creatures have a slender tail reminiscent of fish or merfolk. Their hands and arms are considerably slender and small compared to the remainder of their body. Their arms are often colored in the same way as their bodies but there can be differences between body parts. The nails upon the thin fingers of these creatures are black. The heads, in contrast, are larger than expected. Their gleaming eyes are either red, yellow or gold. A rare few have irises of lime green color. They have short but sharp fangs in their otherwise human faces. Thick strands of hair—in every color imaginable—cascade from their heads; usually no further than their shoulders.

Because the fairies have both wings and tails, they are excellent flyers as well as swimmers. They use these limbs to swim easily or they use their tails to assist in flying.

Duskfairies are known for strange attire, an allure to shiny things or noteworthy headgear. Royalty of dusk carry crowns of grand magnificence; sparkling with countless jewels and metals. Some fairies are seen with necklaces or bracelets. Often these pieces of jewelry double as containers of magic.

Generalized personality

Duskfairies are skeptical of things that are not from their own world. Their existence on other planes is fairly recent and therefore they are still fairly hesitant and cautious. Within their own world, however, they are a lot more outgoing. They contain endless wisdom of many worlds and the inner workings of magic, too.

When interacting with a duskfairy, they can be perceived as rude or exceptionally straightforward. This however, is normal among their own culture. Despite this, their metaphors are strong. Often they seem cryptic, even when they do not intend to be. To them, their method of conveying a message is quite normal.

Generally, they are curious of their surroundings but are at the same time intelligent enough to understand that recklessness can cause harm. Fairies of dusk are rarely skilled at healing magic and therefore, caution is usually the best method.


Fairies of dusk fall under the rule of a queen while within their own realm. Those who travel to other dimensions are often sent as emissaries, as messengers, as scholars or other matters of importance. In rare instances, a runaway can be encountered within other dimensions. Whether they ran from dusk or the world of dusk varies per fairy. Otherwise, they often have occupations of their own. Many of these occupations involve magic or are performed through the act of magic.

The societies of duskfairies are slow-moving. This is because the fairies of dusk age very slowly. They grow very old, if not immortal. Few ever die of old age.

Environment of origin

Duskfairies originated (and still greatly inhabit) the realm of dusk. This other plane often resembles other dimensions since they are closely linked. However, within this world, the dusk seems to prevail. Days do not pass and nights do not occur. The situation of dusk is endless. It has existed for as long as has been recorded among the inhabitants.

Additionally, many methods of magic or even certain spells work in one realm but not in the other. This is the same for the dusk realm. Within it, dusk magic is performed. Though this is a specific kind of magic, the fairies of the realm and several other magical creatures have learned to hone their skills and can apply the magical energy in many ways.

Skills and abilities

Over the millennia that they existed, these creatures managed to harbor their magic and twist it in such a way to allow portals to come into existence. These portals allow entrance to other planes and dimensions. The procedure requires particular combinations of magical energies as well as a lot of physical energy. The closer the current plane is to another, the easier it is to open a portal. If planes are far apart, it can be more difficult if not impossible to open a portal.

Duskfairies are also prone to magic. Few to no fairies exist who do not have an innate spark. There is no formal magical training within their societies. Fairies tend to have an instinct for the magic of dusk, after all. They understand it deeply and can thus use It with ease. Some dusk fairies that venture beyond the borders of their realms, learn to harbor the magic within other planes as well. This instance is rarer, however, since the fairies of dusk may not understand the other forms of magic as easily. They also do not believe in being taught.

Power spectrum

In ages past, a small scale war existed between the realm of dusk and an army of humans. Despite the fact that even many of these humans were skilled at magic, their abilities stood not a chance against the dusk, whose numbers were lower. Defeating the fairies of dusk within their own realm has thus been considered impossible, since their magic is so outstandingly powerful. They also seem outstandingly resilient. Magical defenses commonly shield the beings when in combat. However, an actual stab to the being’s heart will kill it quickly. Also cutting the wings will make it harder to move. However, some fairies will weave magic to help them move or they will perform summons. In doing this, they will open a portal to allow a creature of the dusk to cross to their current location or the creature of dusk transports through the portal. Often times, lions or wolves are summoned for the dusk fairies to use as modes of offense aas well as transportation when needed.

Writing Tool: Synonyms for ‘Said’

English is an amazingly rich language. There are synonyms for anything and everything out there. Writing prose in this language is a beautiful thing because there are countless options to describe the same thing.

Over the years, I have assembled many synonyms for the word ‘said’. Using them has improved my dialogue greatly. Personally, I even avoid the word ‘said’ itself. Instead I use one from the list instead.

NOTE: If you have any to add, please leave them in the comments so I can enrich my own list.













































































































































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