The Four Elements

In astrology and many other forms of spirituality, people often times speak of the elements. These may vary, depending on which topic they refer to, however I primarily stick to the four that are featured in Western astrology. These are fire, earth, air and water. Each element corresponds with three signs.

Note; The dates stated by the signs are approximates. There are (as far as my knowledge goes) no definite dates. Also, the differences in time zones may cause a slight difference in the dates displayed.


  • Aries; March 21 – April 19
  • Leo; July 23 – August 22
  • Sagittarius; November 22 – December 21

Fire signs have righteously earned their title. The fire that influences the signs can cause them to be very warm and passionate. They are generally strong-willed individuals. They thrive on intuition and adventure. Their lust for life is often spread to those that are close to them. Fire signs are extroverts; meaning they seek the companionship of other persons often. Though, that does not mean that many of them also desire time to be by themselves.

To the more insecure individual, a fire sign might seem controlling while it is actual determination that drives them. Fires are passionate about what keeps their heart beating; be it love, art, travel or any such interests. Fire signs can often inspire third parties with their passionate attitudes.

While fire signs are bright burning entities, their fires can have negative effects as well. Their brilliance might harm another person through a dramatic expression of the fire sign. Since they are so strong-willed and passionate, they sometimes look past the hearts of others. Yet this rule does not apply to friends and family.

The Flames in These Signs

The Aries is the leader of the signs; being the first of them all. Thusly, one can recognize the fire in their passion for taking the first steps. Aries is very daring and will not step down from a challenge if one presents itself.

The Leo is the prideful sign. Their fire comes forth from their wild side. They can be dramatic but at the same time, present a lot of warmth to the people around them. Therefore, their flames can be felt in the form of cherishment.

The Sagittarius is the free-spirited adventurer; following the arrow of their heart wherever it may carry them. They thusly follow a passion that drives them. They are fond of learning and discovering new things and broadening their horizons.


  • Taurus; April 20 – May 20
  • Virgo; August 23 – September 22
  • Capricorn; December 22 – January 19

Earth signs are generally very hardworking and practical people. They desire security and are willing to work to provide it for themselves and others. Sometimes keen on material, they might push their desires a bit too far. Their drive is admirable to many, however, even though not many wish for the things that earth signs are seeking; possessions, wealth and/or power.

While hard-working and sometimes materialistic, earth signs have a good mind about themselves. They are often very innovative thinkers and are not afraid of investment. Initiatives can be expected under the ideal circumstances. Earth signs often shy away from uncertain outcomes and thus will not take a leap that holds an unsure outcome.

Earth signs are generally calm persons that enjoy their alone time. Their companionship they prefer from very close people. They keep a small band of people around them that are dear to them yet it would be ideal for them if these cherished persons did not disturb them from their hard work.

The Sturdiness of These Signs

Taurus is both a hard-working and patient introvert; able to understand that obtaining security can often take a lot of time. Taurus is strong-minded and resilient and will not shy away from a task that provides opportunity.

Virgo isn’t fond of change. They tend to cling to that which they know. They take their time with change or any undertakings in general. This includes perfecting themselves. They are very self-critical and strive to become a form of perfection.

Capricorn is often chasing goals instead of enjoying the ride that they are taking to reach these goals. This sign is willing to make sacrifices to obtain these goals and finds relaxation hard to come by. They find that it does not need a place in their routine.


  • Gemini; May 21 – June 20
  • Libra; September 23 – October 22
  • Aquarius; January 20 – February 18

The air signs are communicators. They are found to be the intellects of the zodiac. Air signs enjoy discussing topics of intelligent matters. They will not settle for small talk easily. These diplomatic signs often put their minds to work in clever debates or overthinking philosophies.

Air signs generally deal with concerns through their minds. One can say they neglect matters of emotions completely. They prefer to deal with things through the power of their brains. These diplomats can often use their intelligence to understand various sides of an argument and therefore think upon many matters to often to calculate which outcome they might prefer and what road will lead to that outcome.

While so focused on mental processes, air signs are extroverted persons. They prefer company of other people while still remaining abled to take time to themselves and their thoughts. Air signs often hold a large group of friends around them; as long as these friends do not weight on them too heavily emotionally.

The Whispering Wind Within These Signs

Gemini is the general overthinking air sign that tends to speak more than listen. Their minds are constantly a jumble because they attempt to think of so many things at once. Chaos occurs and this reflects upon their daily lives. Highly communicative, but sporadic at all times.

Libra is the seeker of justice. As it is represented by scales, this sign is the greatest diplomat of the entire zodiac. They can weigh outcomes, possibilities, opinions and morals with the power of their mind. Their ultimate goal is to find eternal harmony of the scales in any way possible. This includes self-sacrifice.

Aquarius is a self-conscious sign that contemplates philosophy often. The wine-pourer is not prone to small talk and is often a bit peculiar in their own way; be it their dress style or their speech. Standing out is a hobby and they will take time out of their schedule to pursue this.


  • Cancer; June 21 – July 22
  • Scorpio; October 23 – November 21
  • Pisces; February 20 – March 19

The forever moving water signs are true to their title. They flow in any possible way; finding themselves in emotions that often seem to grow from a source of nothingness into existence. This can cause a water sign to experience strong mood swings that not even they completely understand. This isolation within the source of their own emotion, causes them to often feel misunderstood and therefore only prefer the company of a rare few.

While some water signs prefer the company of their own emotions, many of them have evolved it into a state of empathy through which they channel the emotions of others; often times losing themselves in doing so. They are highly sensitive to the moods and experiences of third parties and therefore might experience a mood swing that is in accordance with a mood of another person. It thusly maght seem that their experience holds no reasoning.

Because these signs understand that it is often difficult to deal with strong emotions, they can become good listeners and will often become very caring over anyone that is hurt in even the slightest way emotionally. Their cooing is sometimes overwhelming for the receiving party, however.

The Flowing Tendencies of These Signs

Cancer is a very home-loving individual. Their hospitality stems from it. They are generally caring individuals that are prepared to listen to any sorrows that a person is willing to share with them and they will attempt to help another person. All the while they do, they hide their own emotions under a tough shell and only reveal it to people that are very close to them.

Scorpio is the sharp one. Their passionate attitudes come from their strong emotions. They thrive on their own passions; becoming strongly attached to that which is the object of their passion. They will seek out any information about this topic or person in order to satisfy their curious minds.

Pisces is the fish that swims with the direction of any flowing emotional waters. Pisces’ strong intuition and sensitivity often causes them to experience another person’s emotion before experiencing their own and then adjusting their own accordingly. They often do this subconsciously; silently facilitating psychic abilities to sense the energies around them.


As it may have become clear (I hope), every sign has their own unique feature. In turn, every sign holds a connection with their main element but this element is presented within each sign differently; making each one unique.

While the descriptions might be vague or unrecognized by some, that can be explained by the fact that these descriptions apply to the sun signs (this is the sign that the sun is within when you are born; your birth date indicates it). Yet there are many other bodies (planets, the moon, Earth’s position) that influence the personality that you are given. Therefore, the description of your sign might feel untrue because many other signs have influenced you.

If any questions have arisen or have remained unanswered, I am willing to answer them!


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