Money Buys Happiness

“Money can’t buy you happiness.” I think we’ve all heard that expression at least once in our lifetime. Though I’m not overly wealthy, I’d like to give my own, personal perspective of the situation. If anyone would like to disagree, feel free to enlighten me in the comments.

Money, currency, cash, bucks… There are many words to describe the element that drives not only our economy today. This element is integrated everywhere you look. You pay to remain healthy; healthcare and/or insurance cost money. When you wish to simply be entertained by viewing art, you will be asked to pay a small fee to a museum or other exhibit. If you wish to watch a movie or listen to music, you have to pay the people that made it a small sum. Though, of course, many persons choose to download both sources from the internet. In this case, you also pay someone, though this is most likely not the artist or creator of the source. You pay the power of the home you live in and the wireless internet connection that you use. Also, you have most likely spent some of your own money to afford the device that you use. Should you be at a library or other public venue and you use the internet, power and devices provided there, then you need to realize that a library is partially funded by governments. Therefore, in paying taxes, you have paid the library.

You pay for clothes, food, supplies, a house and in most countries, you need to pay to be granted an education. You pay for any forms of entertainment and often times, attending a job will cost you money as well. You need to have an appropriate computer at home to prepare things for your job. You need to adjust to the dress code that is required and thus will need to buy more or specific clothes. Every source within this world costs money nowadays.

My Situation

Since I stated I would like to give my own view on the matter of currency, I will need to explain my own situation, I would think.

I live in a small downtown apartment. There is a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen and a hallway that connects the various rooms. I pay the rent. I pay for power and water through my landlord as well. I pay taxes to the local authorities for their various services in keeping the city pleasant. I pay the store near me for food and other general products such as cleaning supplies. I pay the pet store for my fish food. Every month, my bank is diminished by a small amount to pay for my phone, the television reception and the internet at the house. I pay an annual fee to be given a discount during certain hours on train transportation. Yet I am still required to pay them while I travel, even if it is during the discount hours. I pay an online store or local store for CDs, games or books I buy from them. I pay the clothing stores and general stores if I need something from them. And finally, I have purchases such as a laptop, a radio, a television or other large and/or expensive objects that require a large sum every few years. Formerly (and hopefully in the future) I may also spend on attributes relating to a course at university.

Those are my expenses, or at least the ones I could remember. It pains me to simply list them all. The income list is a lot shorter and a lot more pleasant. Receiving money, to me, is more pleasant than having to spend it. My income is made up of various funds for social security relating to details of my situation. Though these sums are fairly large, they just about cover everything for a month. Then on some occasions, I receive royalties for my book.

Now then, as I stated above, I wish to soon return to university. Due to personal reasons, I did not complete my previous course and quit towards the end of the second year. But since people tell me how important getting an education is, I feel a certain pressure towards getting one… But at the same time, I feel I’d rather make some more money, rather than spend it all. I am keen on working hard and achieving goals. One of them is to get off of the social security plans I am on now and to be able to make my own money. I wish to make a reasonable amount that can sustain my preferred future lifestyle; one I am not currently living. I hope for a bigger house and the resources to be able to keep a few cats with me. Besides that, I’d like to take a few trips now and then. A little more luxury wouldn’t bother me either; a dishwasher, a laundry dryer and perhaps a bath tub in the bathroom… I have dreams, too.

I am aware that to obtain these further luxuries, I would need a steady job, a successful business or a lucky lottery ticket. Since the latter of the three isn’t much of an option to rely on, I will have to settle for the first or the second. A little business of my own has never seemed like such a bad idea to me. I come from a family that is prone to take initiative. We’ve undertaken many moves and my parents both own businesses. Therefore, I would love to follow their example and start a business of my own.

A Personal Conclusion

Now that I have given a short summary of my situation and my ambitions, I would like to conclude this short article. Though I agree that money will not buy you happiness, it can make life easier and help you obtain the objects and services that make you happy. It is not the currency itself that gives happiness. It is simply the opportunities the money provides that can grant a person happiness. I know that many persons would say it’s very selfish of me to say I’d like more money and I think it could make my life more pleasant, but I like to think that in their hearts, many persons would agree.

Is it really so bad to want to be able to pay all the bills? To want to provide for a family and pets? To want to give a little extra to yourself when you feel you’ve been working hard and have been achieving? I do not think so. Therefore, yes, I wish to make a lot of money and I am willing to work hard for it, too. Then I can obtain the money, that can buy me happiness.


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