“Hello?” (1)

“What’s your favorite color?” The answer I purple. Does that answer tell you a lot about who I am? I don’t think it does that. So for that reason, I made up a few more ‘interesting’ questions, or so I think. When you pick up the phone, you’re curious as to who is at the other end of the line. You’re likely curious about who it is so here is my “Hello?” series.

1. What is your latest habit?

The latest thing I am into is washing my hands. Not just in the ‘normal’ situations do I was them but often times I randomly abandon a task to get up and wash my hands before returning to whatever I was tending to. I feel that this is quite a pleasant habit, for me personally. It does however make me a bit skeptical about whether other people wash their hands as much.

On another note, I enjoy going around and finding various soaps that I like. Lavender is definitely my favorite and I’m still looking for a place that sells it. I will bulk buy it! Tips are welcome.

2. What do you do to keep busy while not using material things?

This is something I often encounter when traveling using the trains. The trips can last for hours. I am prone to daydreaming and philosophy. I envision the future, my wishes for this future or random scenes. I also wonder about stories to write or characters in these stories. I envision them and assign personalities to them.

I have come up with entire backstories for characters in my current, active novel (Nivitera’s Promise, for those wondering). I do this by simple thinking of them; picturing them in their life and filling it with what seems compatible (siblings, family, circumstances). Besides that, I imagine ‘questioning’ them on their life to try to find out how they would respond or what they’d say

3. What are topics you enjoy contemplating?

Philosophy, ethics, economics, politics, what-ifs, my own decisions, wonders of the universe, sciences and so on. I question the universe, my own decisions, my hopes for the future and why I have them. I also wonder what answers science is still keeping from us but that they will show to us one day (when they too have found them).

4. What element do you associate with?

I think the answer is carbon. Carbon is abundant in the universe, on Earth and in the human body. Only oxygen, helium and hydrogen are about as common. But carbon is the basis of most life on Earth. It is therefore called an organic element; able to grow life; organisms. It is also able to form bonds with other elements more strongly than most other elements. It is also a gas in our atmosphere; commonly considered pollution (carbon dioxide) from traffic and such. But carbon naturally exists in the atmosphere. Without it (and several other chemicals) no sunlight would remain on our planet and we would all freeze.

I feel that I associate with carbon is because I like to grow and develop in the same way that organisms do. I like to make bonds with other people as well as try to find connections between different things (life is a puzzle). Finally, carbon helps keep people warm. I hope to do that too; keep them warm and happy while in my presence.

5. What word fascinates you?

I have several words that have a pleasant sound to me. ‘Whisper’ is one of them. It has a soft and gentle sound to it; closely resembling what it relates to. The animal known as ‘lion’ has a pleasant word linked to it as well. It rolls off the tongue so easily. ‘Peace’ is another word that holds both strength and honor. I find it to be a powerful word in itself.

6. What beverage motivates you?

There is this friend, an ex to be precise, who back in the day told me about a method that would make water taste better. He said to add slices of cucumber to it and cool it down. After having tried it, I told him I quite enjoyed it. To this day I still do. Just for that reason, I bought a giant jar that you can fill with a liquid.

It motivates me because it helps me drink enough without costing a lot of money. It isn’t too sweet either (which a lot of things commonly are). It makes me feel refreshed and motivates me to be healthy in my entire lifestyle. I will feel more prone to go exercise or such while I am drinking it.

7. Which scientific branches interest you?

There are many that intrigue me. I am interested in physics and chemistry, without involving too much math. Not that I am bad at it, but I enjoy the why’s and how’s more. Facts about the universe as a physical whole interests me. I enjoy learning about the planets, stars and things such as dark matter and dark energy. I’m curious about energy waves, dark holes and all these aspects. Furthermore, I am inclined to consider alien life; what it would be like and when (if ever) we will meet it.

Psychology (mainly the social kind) keep my interest too. I admit, I like to apply what I know to my own life; identifying why people act in the way they do and what that tells me about them as a person.

Since I’m a spiritual person, it is understandable that I am also interested in metaphysics; which encompasses facts and knowledge about anything that is beyond our actual physical realm. This branch involves trying to find proof of energies and other elements that people believe in. Out-of-body experiences, the existence of spirits and auras are examples.

8. What is one of your ‘allergies’?

To start this one off, I will try to explain what I mean by the term allergies. This is a term I learned when I went to school for social work various years in the past. We often viewed a graph of four components. They had to do with understanding your own strength. To fill out the graph, you pick a trait. To accommodate my own blog, I will pick the trait trustworthy. A part of the graph would then be filled out with ‘trustworthy’ (top left). Another part (top right) describes what occurs when someone becomes too trustworthy. Perhaps they look past what is good for themselves because of this. This extent is often seen as negative. At the bottom left, you describe what needs to be done to ensure the person will not reach the situation described in the top right. For example, they become more careful or analytical of other people or situations to be more sure of the fact that they can or can not trust. Then finally in the bottom right, we place the allergy. Because someone is trustworthy, they can feel appalled by people that are skeptical, cynical or paranoid. It is likely an opposite of your own traits.

So by looking at things you are allergic to, you can also try to identify what trait that tells about yourself. I am quite allergic to people who are arrogant. I tend to be humble but confident. So people who largely overshoot their own value bother me, especially if they strongly act on it. Logically (I believe it is logical) I am also allergic to people that are mean. I like to think I am a kind-hearted person so a person that is unkind bothers me. Finally, I am allergic to dishonest people. I highly value truth and people that speak it are golden to me. They earn my respect and I feel they have honor.

9. What defines freedom?

To me, the only freedom we can receive is through our mind, our imagination and through death. True freedom is not something we can physically have. Our bodies will always restrict us in some way. But our minds can make up any situation where all boundaries fall away. The only restriction left there is that it will not be ‘real’ in our own ideas.

Since I believe that there is more past death, I think that when we depart from our physical bodies, we acquire true, limitless freedom; receiving abilities that we can’t even think to equal in physical form. The boundaries of space and time will fall away, for example.

10. Do you believe everyone is able to kill?

This question came to me because a while ago when I still attended class, this subject was suggested during a class and we heavily debated it. The person that came up with the idea that everyone is able to kill another person, was able to convince me with her argument. I will try to repeat what she said because I have taken that opinion as my own as well.

She stated a situation wherein one person was being threatened by another person. The person in danger is in this situation a loved one. She asked us to picture this in our minds. She then asked us to picture a loaded gun within our hands. We could then decide to shoot the person who would harm our loved one. The other option was that we do not pull the trigger and our loved one dies. Furthermore, the person that killed our loved one, could continue and kill other people if we did not stop them.

Due to that thought experiment, I am convinced that anyone can kill. It is a sinister thought, I agree, but this is my honest opinion.


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