Crafty Gifts

Yeah, yeah, mother’s day. Most bloggers I follow have featured it this past Sunday. Personally, I don’t often turn it into a big deal. Several reasons have caused me to neglect it quite a bit this year. I messaged my mother to let her know I was thinking of her. She herself was away this weekend with my dad. They took their boat out to enjoy this divine weather. It’s been sunny and warm.

Anyways, I will be looking to visit my mother one of these to give her a little present I made her. I decorated a card with a picture of the both of us. I surrounded it with colored tape, put a bling flower on it and wrote a message on the back. The card is an invitation for us to go to a restaurant near me that serves fair trade and organic dishes to their customers. Quite a treat, I’d say.

Personally, I find such gifts more pleasant than a material object or money. I find that an experience will enrich your life more than any object ever can. You take a day out of your schedule to partake in an activity and it can change your views, broaden your horizons and give you renewed knowledge and viewpoints. For this reason, I both like to give such gifts as well as receive them (so for any friends reading this; hint hint).

Objects break, get lost, become lost or forgotten. Though memories can fade too, that is known. But often times, a picture or other simple object that can be kept as a reminder of the day can help keep the memory clear. This is why I like to take something from a place where I went to remind myself whenever I come across it. This is also why I made the card for my mother. She can keep it (I purposely tried to make it pretty for her) to remember that we spent time together at a (hopefully) good restaurant.

Generally, I’m not good at giving gifts. I’m not good at asking for suitable ones either, but that is a whole different story. My gift-giving abilities will become better though, the more I know the other person. This is logical. I find things they like and am able to use that information to find them something I think they’d like. More than buying something for them though, I like to make something for them instead. A show of care and attention proves that a person actually spent time and effort. It’s also fun to do though.

One of the things I’m prone to making is a painting. I’ve created romantic pictures for loved ones, images of characters they like or made up or even an image of something they like. An example is a rose that I painted for a good friend of mine. She has an immense weak spot for roses and had requested to buy a canvas for me to paint one on for her. I decided to make one and give it to her for her birthday instead.

For my dad, I often made customized shirts. This was always really simple and fun to do. All you need is a white shirt, a large piece of cardboard that fits inside the shirt and waterproof marker(s) or special fabric markers. You place the cardboard inside the shirt and then draw on the shirt. The cardboard prevents the marker from leaking through to the opposite side of the shirt. You can even place a picture on the cardboard you use and then attempt to trace it onto the shirt, if you don’t trust yourself to draw without guidelines. I always found this to be very fun and my dad always loved the shirts I made for him.

I’ve also decorated objects to use. I also do it for objects I use myself just to give them a more personal touch. I’ve painted glasses as a gift and even painted and decorated a picture frame. For myself, I have decorated the back of my laptop. I made my own sticker for it, using the header of my blog. I have placed a twinkly star on my phone case to give it more character and I’ve also decorated a heart-shaped container. I’m still considering how to personalize my iPad. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

That is a brief list of what I have done. The list of things I still want to do, is immense. I have seen and read about trillions of DIYs that I still want to perform. I still want to make my own candles, coasters, decorate objects using nail polish and personalized tea light holders. I have plenty of ideas for all of these. Here’s to hoping I will actually be able to get to them some day…


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