June Things

The upcoming month (June, for the hermits who tossed out their calendar) will bring many things. Among hopes of sunlight and thus some tanning, there are also a few writing projects and other activities that I want to tackle or at least look at. Let’s have a look!

Camp NaNoWriMo

To make it clear, I do not mean to confuse you and tell you that Camp NaNoWriMo is in June. It is set for July. But to prepare myself for it, I always use the month preceding it as ‘NaNo Prep Month’. This means various things.

  1. I’ll have to decide ‘what’ I want to write. I have many pending ideas that are often nagging my mind because they want to be heard. But since Camp is always dedicated to but one project (in most cases, my own included) I can’t choose them all. Even revision ideas often bug me.
  2. The question of who I will be writing about arises next. I’ll have to shape the characters. They are the first step in my process nowadays. Formerly, I started at any possible angle. But nowadays, my mind often makes up people or non-humans. It assigns traits to them and physical attributes. So when I decide to place them in a story, I become very interested in them. I imagine them, their attitude, reactions and deepest thoughts all pass me by.
  3. When I have done that, I try to create relations between people and based on this, I can increase the emotions of characters (and thus shape them even more). This is often where the actual plot building happens. The stories come forth from the characters. I enjoy following them as they encounter the changes in their life or create them. Their reactions to the changes is what drives any of my stories.
  4. Filling in the plot holes and fleshing are the final necessities for my planning of Camp (or any writing project). The remaining story details are revealed and the whole thing becomes write-ready, as I’d like to call it. When this is all complete, my excitement often takes wings!

I have two pending ideas that are competing for my attention and one potential revision. I’ll mention more on this later, when I decide.

Planning Other Projects

I mainly want to focus on what I call the Primary Trilogy. This series (obviously composed of three parts) features my beloved genre; fantasy. It will be the rewriting and reshaping of the first story I dedicated myself to. I’ve created about four or even five drafts of this tale so far.

As it looks now, this will be indeed a three part series. There is a reason for that but I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll leave that reason be. I have the basic story outline, but I have a few plot holes I need to fix here and there since I missed those as a teenager. Besides that, a few more characters require a bit more of a realistic approach, rather than an ‘ideal’ one. There’s not much I can say about this because my entire process is still very vague, so more on this later as well.

University Prep

Yes, more prep things will occur! This one concerns my life and potential career, more strongly, I believe, than the writing projects. To elaborate, I must first mention the marvelous news that still brings me excitement to this day. I’ve been accepted to Stenden University for International Business and Management Studies. Even typing this brief post about it makes me giddy on the inside! That’s a good sign, right?

Anyways, in June I’ll be talking to a study advisor to get all the necessities for me to study at Stenden University. I’m slightly nervous about talking to her about this, because it brings me slight tremors when I think about the entire four year course. Am I anxious? Yes, a bit. It’s no little thing, I think. But am I eager? Most definitely!

Finishing Paintings

I have at least two partially finished paintings that need their finishing touches. One of said paintings is of a magnificent blue dragon and I feel that he deserves my every brain cell’s attention. This beautiful blue is actually a character from the Primary Trilogy, as mentioned above. He’s been in my mind for about ten years. That’s quite a while, I personally think; considering I’m only 22…

Social Things

As a ‘normal young woman in her early twenties’ I must engage in activities with le friends. But that’s fine. I have swimming planned and a fun weekend away with peers. Besides that; we’ll see.

And Finally

Let’s hope for a few more blog posts. I’ll go slay the Writer’s Block monster in the mean time!


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