ConnectionsAs a baby, we rely on family and other potential caretakers to raise us and protect us. When we become more aware, we make friends in school or other social places. We play with them and learn the norms of our society. In the process we start to uncover who we are and what we are drawn to. As we grow into our teens, potential partners might be noticed and addressed. Many people end up settling down with such a person sooner or later. To help realize our dreams or goals, we network; hoping this will help us get on the path we want to walk. Connections are vital in our society. Connections to people seem to be more vital than any other connections.

There are many kinds that have been distinguished; financial, social, affectionate, psychological and spiritual. The latter might seem to be the most hazy of the bunch but they are as important as all the others.


A financial connection can be with people as well as institutes. You depend on your parents or a boss for allowance or a salary. Besides this, you can rely on the government to help aid you financially if that’s needed. In contrast, you also have this connection with stores that you purchase products from, insurance companies, the government (taxes) and anything else that you pay money to; both legally or illegally.


The social connection is often understood to be with friends and family. But the connection also reaches towards other people in your social network; teachers, librarians, bus drivers, mail delivery personnel, doctors and so on. These people contribute to your ability to be social.


As a hopeless romantic, this is one of my commonly-addressed topics. Oftentimes but in the mind. The affectionate connection is towards people that you love or care for in any way. Friends generally fall into this category. Family members can in many cases (like my own, luckily) be added to this too. Of course, a life partner falls into this category.


These connections occur with people that help you think. These can be friends that you have intellectual conversations with. Many times teachers or professors fall into this category. This is not always so since in various cases, students do not want to learn the topic and thus do not develop this connection. Personally, I find this to often be the starting points of a friendship. Should I be able to talk about science and philosophy with someone, then I will appreciate them greatly.


This connection does not just entail religion. Of course if two people believe in a likewise god or system of divine beings, then that is defined as a spiritual connection. People that believe the same things about the universe as I do, I have this connection with. But also with people that my intuition draws me towards for no apparent reason at all. Often times after we interact and get to know each other, the pieces fall into place and I realize there is a special bond in place.


This is not a category of connections. This is but a state that a connection can be in. It is very rare. For some people it is impossible to achieve such a connection with anyone or anything while other people are more able to do this. I believe it can be practiced and learned.

The bond that is ‘transcendent’, as I’m calling it, is one that is not based on current events. It is not something that is or was created in this lifetime. That is, for humans and other animals. Some bonds we create with other creatures comes from lifetimes before our current one. Yet, this transcendence does not limit itself to beings that breathe and move about. It can also be achieved with other living things. Earth is not a dead rock. Upon it live thousands of plants that are alive like we are. They have energies and thus they too can be connected to! What a tree-mendous fact, right?


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