Yesterday was gloomy. The sky was filled with pale clouds. There was no break to them. The sun was a hidden entity. Rain poured down without end. Therefore, I was happy once I came home and had a chance to pull off my moist (how many of you hate this word?) clothes and change them for some soft, ‘lazy’ clothes. It was then that I decided to partake in some simple creative activities.


To me, being creative is a form of color. I felt that was necessary on a dull day such as yesterday. For this reason, I colored in a mandala; in true Tw colors. It wasn’t intended to match my blog’s colors. The colors displayed are ones I like.

MandalaI showed this particular mandala to a friend of mine. She asked me, “What does this symbol mean?” I had no answer to that. I didn’t draw the design. I simple colored it in with colors that I felt belonged there. It got me thinking. If I had picked up the same mandala today and colored it, it would be in completely different colors. I think this depends strongly on my mood.

Yesterday I colored it in cool, purple hues. Today (I suspect) I would color it in warm, fiery colors. Perhaps tomorrow I’d give it a green theme. I think our own mood causes someone to have a stronger attraction to one color over another on specific days. Yesterday I was overrun with deep thoughts. They were so deep that they got a tad out of hand. I attempted to organize them and write them down for you all to read. But alas…


Now then, I’d like to write down a simple summary of colors. They are linked to Sanskrit beliefs.

Red is the color linked to basic needs such as warmth, safety and sustenance. This color can also represent physical strength and a connection to the Earth itself. Likewise it is connected to the earth element.

Orange is the color that is related to the flowing of bodily fluids as well as ‘spiritual’ energies through your body. This color also associates itself with taking care of yourself (eating, exercising) as well as taking care of your emotional needs; interaction with other human beings. It is connected to water.

Yellow is the color for ego. This isn’t necessarily a bad kind. The ego needs to be in balance. You need to have a healthy image of yourself. This color also associates with physically taking care of yourself. Eating disorders often link to a bad ego that leads to an eating disorder. The color yellow is involved then. It is linked to fire.

Green is the color of love. I know that sounds cheesy. Some of you might like to argue that red is the color of love. My answer is that red is simply the color of passion. It does not represent deep love. This love is spent on one self but also on the world around one self. It is not directed at just one other person. This color’s element is air.

Blue is the color of communicating. This involves both being a listener as well as self-expression. You need to be able to heed what others are trying to communicate to you. At the same time, you need to be able to make yourself heard as well, without becoming too loud or overwhelming. It is a color that associates with open-mindedness and the rise of new ideas; inspiration. The element for this color is ether.

Indigo is the color linked to the ‘third eye’. This is perceived as the sense in all of us that can perceive metaphysics. Using this sense, you can ‘see’ energies around you; aura’s, chakra’s, meridians and other fields of energy will become apparent to you. Or perhaps you will witness the existence of deceased souls. Maybe you will be blessed with the power of pre-cognition instead; the ability to see future events. This color does not have an element.

Violet is the final color in this spectrum. It is seen as a color of spiritual thoughts. If people pursue spiritual enlightenment, they are often seen surrounded by this color. Flashes of this color in their aura represents as spiritual (subconscious) thought. If you want a less ‘vague’ explanation, we can call it the color of wisdom. Its element is often likewise described to be wisdom.

Though these are not all the colors with their own specifics, I wanted to start with a basic summary. I’ve’been meaning to do this for a while now. If you want to learn more about the various colors, then stay tuned! I’ll be writing about colors, chakra’s and aura’s a bit more here and there since it is something that’s strongly involved in my own life. I’d like to inform any curious strangers. So till then…


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