Camp NaNo Prep: Plot!

A lot of thoughts happened. A lot of theories crossed my mind. Various characters presented themselves to me. Camp NaNo July is quickly approaching and I finally decided what I want to write this time. It’s going to be a shorter project than what I usually write. I tend to write long, elaborate tales with intricate plots and multiple important characters whose lives are greatly intertwined with those of other persons in the story. This time, we’re keeping it a bit simple. But to still challenge myself, I will be attempting to write a genre I have never tried before. Introducing my very first sci-fi project. Skybright!


In the year 2722, Earth’s resources are near to none. Humanity looks to the sky for a new home. The IBSE (International Board for Space Exploration) has been assigned to search the skies for a planet that can sustain human life and a means for reaching it. Through seeming coincidence, scientists in Japan discover a wormhole near Jupiter. After careful consideration, the desperation of mankind urges the heads of the IBSE to send astronauts through the wormhole. At the other end, they find a solar system that orbits a star that closely resembles the sun. Within the goldilocks zone, they discover a planet that is larger than Earth but is less dense. Therefore it would be a perfect place for humans to live.

Mass migrations through the universe start. People are being transferred in great numbers. Colonization of the new planet, often referred to as Earth II, is set in motion. A large, modern city is built for humans to live within. All the while, the humans find themselves consuming massive amounts of the new planet’s resources. While they do, they remain unaware of the native civilization within the deep forests of the planet.

A strange people reside there. They watch as their beautiful green planet becomes covered in grey structures built by the humans. Their tolerance grows ever more weary. They decided to rid of the humans or attempt to scare them by attacking their settlement. They did so in their native, beast-like forms; attacking from the air upon wings. Humans however, quickly found out that they could create a certain frequency that scared away their enemies. This made the war an equal battle on both sides.

One of the young recruits for the human colony, Gab, trained to be an astronaut and a soldier, arrives in the city to fight for the front. During a mission to track his enemies however, his party is attacked and they all become separated from one another. Gab desperately attempts to find his way back to his comrades or the city but instead stumbles upon a young, native female; appearing to resemble a human. She seems harmless to him. Instead of harming one another, the two become friends. They make secret arrangements to see one another. Ever so steadily, they grow fond of one another. The girl reveals her name to him. She says it is Bai’yan and that it means Skybright in the native language. She doesn’t tell him a lot. She refuses to reveal why she is able to speak his tongue and other such things. But he is willing to teach him about her planet and its mechanics. Meanwhile, Gab tells her of his own people and culture.

Yet Gab’s many absences cause his superiors to become suspicious of him. They order another soldier to follow him in an attempt to discover what he’s doing o frequently. When they see him in the company of the native girl, he is arrested and interrogated. The authorities wish to extract all the information from him that he has learned from Bai’yan. They hope to use it against her and her people. However Gab is unwilling to tell and is thus locked up.

The day after, Bai’yan departs for the location where she and Gab agreed to meet. When he doesn’t show up, she becomes worried. She decides to approach the human city and spy on it to find out what happened to Gab. Through coincidence and cautious work, Bai’yan manages to discover what happened to Gab and where he is being held. This knowledge angers her. She rushes home and seeks out her father. He is one of the many that often attacks the human city. When she asks about his tactics, he seems fascinated by her interest but shares his knowledge with her everything he knows. The next day, when the beams of sunlight start to color the sky in brighter colors, announcing morning, Bai’yan sets out to the human settlement.

Upon this same morning, authorities attempt to interrogate Gab once again, but a loud roar interrupts their attempts. The building shakes afterwards. Before the soldiers can react to the sudden interruption, light pours from the sky as the ceiling collapses. Descending from the bright above is one of the winged beasts. With outstanding speed, it grabs Gab and takes off with him. It departs through the sky without another sound; leaving the building destroyed and the soldiers startled.

Gab, both confused and frightened is unable to undo himself of the powerful grasp of the beast that carries him over the forests. Many weapons from the city are fired at it as it flies away but none manage to hit it nor Gab himself. The ambush is ceased when the creature carries him too far out of range. It carries on flying for a while before setting Gab down within the forest and releasing him from its grip. As soon as he hit the ground, he gets up on his feet and sets off; running away from the ferocious beast.

It is but one word from a frail but familiar voice that stops him dead in his tracks. “Wait.” it speaks. When Gab turns his head, his eyes fall on Bai’yan.


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