Camp NaNo: First Few Steps

Ah yes, the infamous how-am-I-doing-now posts. Well, I’m not super creative or innovative so I’m doing one too!

NaNo stats july 7Skybright is proving to be a challenge indeed. I have trouble molding characters in this sci-fi setting. My ability to describe the things I envision are not nearly as outstanding as I consider those I use in my fantasy novels. There is also the aspect that I have more trouble envisioning all these tech-y things that exist in the world I made up. I find that I’m not too prone to stumble upon new ideas. When I work on something of the fantasy genre however, the ideas are a plenty and I can pick my way through them to combine the perfect one. It’s like making a salad, really.

The conclusion is that I really am not (yet) meant to write sci-fi and that’s fine. The only way to learn these things is through experiencing it firsthand. However, that won’t take away that I will keep trying to experience it. I will do my utmost best to complete this project in the timeframe of one month. I had a bit of a rut the other day and thus my word count didn’t move, but I’m back.

This morning started early; 5 AM kind of early, mind you. After an hour, I got up and headed out the door with just my keys and all my thoughts. I walked for almost an hour; taking in the sights and smells of the morning. Birds were celebrating the early rays of sunlight. I came across hardly any persons (not until my return anyways). The park was completely empty, except for the birds of course. They sat in the trees and the ducks swam.

It was delightful.

With renewed energy and motivation, I returned home at just before 7 AM. I made myself a simple breakfast and sat down at the laptop with a glass of orange juice by my side. It is a trustworthy companion, believe me. I placed my hands ono this keyboard and went on.

In between then and now, I have added another thousand words. I’ve also worked on a few things for volunteer work and such. Today is surprisingly productive but then again, it such a marvelous start. I feel that I might repeat these very early morning strolls. They leave me feeling refreshed and replenished. I departed from the brick wall known as writer’s block thanks to my walk. I saw opportunities a plenty in the marvelous universe known as my mind. It’s been a wonderful help. It is true what they all say; taking a walk truly does improve your ability to write; especially if you aim to focus on nothing but your walk itself. I was simply enjoying the moments while I walked. I didn’t think about my current project or any other projects. I didn’t think about what I still had to do today. It was just simple bliss.

I found inspiration for my current project, ones that are on my mental shelf as well as for new songs I want to write (yes, this is a thing I do. Perhaps more on that later). For now however, I will run over to my wordpress to post this and then I’ll be returning to Gab in the midst of his thoughts and quarrels!


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