I Miss How (Poem)

I came across this old poem earlier. I thought I should share it. It’s actually one of my better works. I like the rhythm in it. Enjoy.

I Miss How

I miss how we used to be
A couple with real quality
Potential for a distant end
With truth and no need to pretend
Our hearts fly to the distant stars
To find a passion red like Mars

I miss how we used to look
Like heroes from a story book
Though without armies to command
We fought with sword and shield in hand
Eyes alert and muscles tense
To break through the foe’s defense

I miss how we used to hold
Each other’s heartstrings made of gold
The two together play a song
Of silver minds that get along
Words attempt the company
Of this hopeful harmony

I miss how we used to think
Of days to come after we blink
We’d close our eyes and drift away
To reach the heart that let us stay
And even during nights alone
I felt your touch upon my bone

I miss how we used to feel
Playful like a newborn seal
Happy like a fish in motion
Driven like the wildest ocean
All the feelings that we found
Made our hearts forever bound

I miss how we used to speak
Every day of every week
Never could we speak too much
In Frisian, English or in Dutch
I kept your words within my mind
Our love within them I can find

I miss how we used to love
A blessing sent from up above
Now it’s cold, the sky is dark
I’m alone when I embark
A path for me to pursue
Perhaps it leads me back to you


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