Early Zensations & Other Habits

Once upon a time, I was that young person that would sleep in till noon and who would then drag herself out of bed to hang out at her computer or with video games all day; with the occasional exception upon which I’d do something social, perhaps. Early mornings were a rarity as well as my worst enemy

However, I’m on my way to change. The key to changing a routine is discipline. They say that if you can do something for thirty days straight that you will set it up as a part of your routine. I find that believable as well as helpful knowledge and frightening knowledge at the same time.

I know that I’m prone to steering away from a routine if something pushes me to not stick to it. For example, if I’m trying to keep up with early mornings and a friend comes over who likes to stay up and go out, I will decide to not care anymore and fall back into old, unhealthy habits. So that might be a dangerous influence; especially since it’s summer break currently which gives me both the perfect opportunity to work in change before the new year but also gives me time and a chance to meet up with friends that I don’t see often due to our schedules and physical distance.


A part of my desired routine is rising early. The latest I’ve done so far is 7 AM. But to put that in perspective, today I set my alarms for 5:45. I jumped out of bed at 5:50 AM to get dressed and to eat. Next I take a walk. I find it unbelievably pleasant to be out at such an early hour during the warm months. Everyone is still sleeping except myself and the birds. The chance that I encounter another person at those hours is very slim. The city doesn’t start coming to life until after 7 AM. On Sundays the vitality of my surroundings is even more nonexistent. I enjoy it. I’m not a city girl, you see.

I’ve written before that I enjoy being alone with my thoughts during the early morning. It stimulates my brain. I’ve been recognizing that knowledge every day so far. My creativity soars and my motivation to do something, be it chores or creative tasks, is immense. Furthermore, I feel happy. A sense of zen and calm overtake me and that feeling remains all day. It’s as if I’m feeling the stillness of nature during the mornings and syncing with it.

Though an early morning stroll (or walks in general) have never been my only version of calm-instilling activities. I know of other activities that cause a likewise sensation. However the difference is in the ability for the feelings to last. I’ve rarely had them cling to me so firmly as I have now. I can think of the corruption in the world and the rotting planet and yet I can remain calm and happy. I can think of things that have hurt me personally and abide by the knowledge that it occurred and have peace with it. This is rare for me.

I’ve always been someone who seeks happiness and a state of zen. It was either elusive or temporary. I would either find it and it would be fleeting or I would find it difficult to find it at all. I would tell myself to obtain it and use the methods I had taught myself to attempt to come by it but there would always remain concerns and thoughts. Yet now I’m more able to have a steady and stable mindset. I’m okay and I will be okay; regardless of what occurs.

My advice to you, reader, is to give it a try as well. Take a walk. Find your own zen. Acknowledge that bad things happen but that it’s okay. It might hurt and that is also okay. Everything happens for a reason and have peace with that every moment of every day. I assure you, you can encounter countless endeavors and still feel blissful throughout them.

Another one of the habits I want to break are caffeine and alcohol. I rarely drink any alcohol anymore. It doesn’t pull my attention like it did when I was a ‘rebel teen’. When I drink nowadays, it’s with a lot more moderation. The consumption of caffeine is more of a concern however. It’s often been something I used as a treat for myself; to reward myself. Yet I’m noticing the consequences on my body when it comes to an intense awake state that I don’t desire. It takes a while for my body to break down the cafeine and return to ‘normal’. So it can really keep me up. There is also of course the matter of all the sugar in it. I’ve been drinking a lot of water instead nowadays. I’m still looking for something else that is pleasant in taste to use as a treat for myself. Any advice is welcome.

Besides this, there is still the ever-lasting contemplation; should I become a vegan? I promise to present a post on that matter in the near future.


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