The Journey to Success

For as long as I can remember, I’ve considered life to be a journey. That is, of course, since I was able to think logically, without involving the magical thinking of a child. Though that too, was part of the journey of my life. Every single happening and every encounter has been vital. That is what I believe.

I enjoy philosophy. I think about supposed coincidences and fate. What is the reason for living? I believe every person has their own, individualized purpose in life. Everyone is on their own path to meet their destiny. The roads of life are intricate. My path crosses those of others once, twice or multiple times. Perhaps we’ll walk together for a while. Though the labyrinth of our life is cloudy, I am convinced that nothing you do is without productivity.

I’m aware that many persons would attempt to convince me otherwise. They’d tell me that I need to be useful in society in order to be productive and to matter. In a sense, it is true. I see that too. To matter to others, you must be active in society and undertake activities. But to matter to oneself, this is not necessarily the case. I feel that your purpose is to pursue what makes you a better person in every way.

Now, I’m not claiming to be perfect or anything (I wouldn’t be here if I was) but I am saying that I’m trying to be better. I wish to be kinder to every person. I attempt not to judge others for their decisions and their lifestyles. I want to be more tolerant of things that bother me. I do my best to stay away from ‘bad’ things. I try to remain positive. And of course, I try to remind myself of these things. I too make mistakes, I acknowledge that. Mistakes aren’t always a bad thing, however. They become something negative when you fail to learn from them.

Of course, to become a better person like this, you need the presence of other people; a community to grow within. So of course, mattering in society is handy. But I feel that many people underestimate what it means to matter. I hear many people say that if you work or study, you are doing something ‘right’. If you are not doing one of these, you are just an excessive person. You don’t contribute. You are simply living off of funds that you did not earn and thus did not deserve. I’m not trying to raise sympathy for my own situation, but I am unable to understand that view.

Perhaps the following is worth remembering. Imagine a situation where an employer is looking to fill a position. Requirements for the position are someone with experience and understanding of the workplace. Then suppose there are two people that reply to the job opportunity. One is a person who has spent much of their time studying and working. They have developed understanding of the branch of employment that is offered. The person has positive references. The second person has spent a lot of their time pursuing their passions. They have chased their dreams and achieved unusual things. They do not have a long list of employments. But this person is rich in wisdom.

Personally, I’d say both are qualified candidates. The first is someone you can place in the office right away and they’ll do as they are told. The second one would require some schooling, but I feel they could be an asset too. Remember this; they are the type to chase their dreams. The fact that they applied for the job means they are willing and ready to go for it. I am also willing to make the wild guess that our dream chaser has built more character and general understanding due to his lifestyle.

Yet sadly, this isn’t how the economy thinks. Some day though, I hope society will learn and understand that there is more to life than having degrees and a list of employment.


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