NaNo and IBMS

It’s September. I have only just started university life. For bragging rights, the name of my school is Stenden University of Applied Sciences. Such a mouthful so it must be good, right? Then to make things even more interesting, I am studying the program called International Business and Management Studies (IBMS).

I have survived the first two weeks. The first week was an introduction week. It was exhilarating yet completely draining. This previous week was our first actual week of classes. It was less exhausting because we only had a few classes in total. Even though it’s the first week of the first year, the teachers felt we should have homework; on the first day…

Nevertheless, I’ve been doing my utmost best to try to keep up with the homework and the study material. I’ve been trying to participate in class by speaking up. I answer the teacher or ask questions. Today I even got a compliment for one of my answers. I was then asked to repeat it so the entire class could hear it and write it down as a note. Brilliant, I felt and I think I blushed for a moment.

Anyway, evidently studying consumes both time and energy. At the end of this past June, I quit my volunteer work for an organization of my peers. I’m not happy about leaving them. I would have enjoyed staying but it would have hindered me. Last night, I quit my other volunteer job. I didn’t think it would get in the way as much, but it was mainly the effect it had on my mood that was displeasing to me. So that too, was for the best.

Evidently this ‘clearing’ of my tasks gives me more time for studying as well as for that one miraculous hobby I have; writing! Let me remind you, dear readers, of an event that is coming up. In November NaNoWriMo will be taking place as it always does. For me that means showing up to my exams, studying for others and trying to write.

To make sure my studies won’t suffer under the weight of writing, I will be doing what my friend is doing too. We threw our word count out the window. There it flies, see it? Instead we are going to focus more on the story itself. We both have a project laying around that we want to finish. So, that is exactly what we will be doing. I will be working on the continuation and potential finalization of my story Nivitera’s Promise.

I am not yet completely sure how I will balance writing with studying. Any tips on this are welcome.

Furthermore, I’d like to mention how much fun I am having at IBMS. I’m enjoying every class. My peers are very friendly and helpful. We often talk and get to know each other in-between classes. I feel really at home among them and in the building. I believe I found a place that I need to be. It feels welcoming and heart-warming. I haven’t found anything (so far) that displeases me.

I know this is another short post, but I decided to write it anyways. I want to get back into the habit of writing now and again. I know it’s very relaxing for me to do and that is just what I need after a long day of classes and study work. To me it feels like curling up by a comfortable hearth with a book and warm slippers on. Who doesn’t want that?


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