Who Am I?

It’s a complex question. It has many answers; many of which will contradict one another. I’ve been asked a variation of this question a lot lately, “Who are you? What is unique about you?” Well, I can’t say what one thing will make me unique, but I can come up with a few. My teachers have all been asking for something like that so they can remember you and such. So I thought, might as well make a little list here, right? And yes, that silhouette is one of me.

  1. I am a vegetarian.
  2. My sign is Aquarius.
  3. I play the acoustic guitar.
  4. I was born in Texas while my parents are Dutch.
  5. I am the middle child in between two brothers.
  6. My favorite animal is the cat.
  7. I enjoy swimming.
  8. My favorite color is violet.
  9. I prefer the countryside over the city.
  10. Hibiscus flowers are my favorite.
  11. I have a tattoo on my right upper arm that represents my direct family.
  12. I was raised with three languages.
  13. I enjoy classical music.
  14. I do not follow any religion but I do have a strong belief system.
  15. According to the law, I am legally blind.
  16. My greatest hobby is writing.
  17. I am very good at letting go.
  18. My favorite season is summer.
  19. I generally remember what I dream of at night.
  20. I am terrified of horror movies.
  21. One of my favorite scents is lavender.
  22. I like grapes and apples.
  23. I am a bookworm.
  24. I am terrified of the dentist.
  25. I’ve never had a paid job.
  26. I love dragons and phoenixes alike.
  27. I am interested in the cosmos.
  28. Learning is one of my hobbies.
  29. I like candles.
  30. I enjoy playing Legend of Zelda games.
  31. I have one prosthetic eye.
  32. I like to paint.
  33. I prefer silver over gold.
  34. The amethyst is my favorite gemstone.
  35. If I’m right, I’ve been on a plane 14 times in my life so far.
  36. If I could be anything, I’d want to be a writer.
  37. I’m not afraid of blood.
  38. I’m an avid shoe lover.
  39. I used to own a pony and later a horse.
  40. I believe there is extraterrestrial life.

2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. That list is very interesting, and cool! We have some things in common. Like for example, I am also a vegetarian. And I have been so for almost 4 years now (which is a third of my life). Whch eye of yours is prosthetic? Can you see colors? Like your favorite colour violet? How long have you been legally blind?
    I, myself am a 12 year old girl from the northernmost part Norway. My mother is American and my dad is Norwegian, so therefore I grew up speaking two languages fluently. (Norwegian and English, of course.)
    From Zoe the human girl at 2 blogging cats https://2bloggingcats.wordpress.com/


    1. Hi Zoe,

      Good job on being a vegetarian for 4 years now. I’m always happy to hear other people are exploring the option and enjoy it like I do.
      My left eye is the prosthetic one. With mmy right eye, I can see a little bit; colors included. I’ve had this all my life. I really don’t know any better so for me it’s normal.
      That sounds cool! Is Norway as cold as I hear it is? A friend of mine from America is planning to marry a man from Norway too. So that’s a bit the same as your parents then.
      Also, I must say; I really like your name. I’ve considered naming a cat that!

      Take care!



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