My ‘Type’

Love is a fickle thing. If you loved someone before but no longer feel for them now, was it really love? Questions like that keep me occupied often. I’d like to think that, at the time, yes, you did love them. But feelings change, situations change and people change. That’s why friendships and relationships end.

That probably also explains why I don’t have a ‘type’, as they say. A friend of mine concluded I have a thing for dark hair. I don’t know if that’s true. I never really gave it much thought. I focus more on the person behind the whatever-color-or-no-hair there is. I’ve had quite a few different ones. Let me give you a brief recap now! (And hopefully I won’t get stalked and yelled at by an ex, oops).

Also, some people fall into multiple ‘categories’.

  1. The ‘weeaboo’

A ‘weeaboo’ is a term created by the internet. It’s (more negative) definition is a Japanese wannabe; someone who is interested in the culture of Japan. They are often people who are into anime/manga, Japanese games, technology and so on. Their reputation isn’t always positive. I know plenty of people (myself included) who feel insulted when they are called a weeaboo. Of course the Japanese culture is unique and that intrigues me but I’m not as busy with learning about it as other people are. Besides, my interest in their culture is equal as my interest is in other places. This is simply because I like to learn about different ones.

  1. The gamer

The gamer is pretty self-explanatory; someone who enjoys playing video games. This person can be competitive because of the games but there are exceptions, of course (like myself). There were several of these in my life, but video games are pretty common nowadays. Nearly everyone plays them nowadays. The judgement about being a gamer has vanished, which is a good thing. Games are a lot more accessible to new and more casual gamers, rather than only to the hardcore gamers.

  1. The writer

This one was a wizard with words even more than I am! I was always amazed at what he could create. Yes, I admit, there was indeed some envy of his skills. I hope I learned a bit from being around him. Though, as many writers are, he too was an introvert. He wasn’t always too open with me about things he thought or felt, even though he had words a plenty to define them. Nowadays looking back though, I see that having words isn’t always the answer. I have trouble with it too nowadays.

  1. The passionate

This one had blazing red passion. He’d write poems consisting of various pages for me (and I’d do the same, of course). He was also fond of riddles so we often came up with those too and sent them to each other to start the day off right. This one showed me a unique kind of love that I haven’t seen equaled ever since.

  1. The charmer

Eyes like tropical oceans, hair soft as silk and a smile warm enough to melt the polar icecaps. This one was the charmer. He knew exactly how to wrap his fingers around your heart, even without your own knowing. Often times I wonder if he himself was aware of how silky smooth his behavior was… I think some people are naturally charismatic. They don’t always realize this. It’s just something about them that makes people flock to them. In many American movies or shows, these people are often referred to as ‘the popular kids’.

  1. The practical

This down-to-earth and practical person created a perfect balance for my random outbursts and impulsive personality. He was mellow at all times. We supported each other with an attitude of, “Keep it simple.” and we did. We kept our love life simple and life in general simple. Why make it hard? It was a very pleasant kind of love. It wasn’t wild and passionate. It was the kind that would make you want to settle down with them.

  1. The puppy

This title involves the idea that puppies follow their masters around and are dependent on them as leaders of their pack. This one was just like that. He was keen on pronouncing, “I love you” every five minutes. Very sweet and charming person but that statement will get stale after a while if used that excessively.

  1. The player

Yes, I too made mistakes… Or rather, I made bad decisions that ended up teaching me a lot. This was one of them; the player who hurt me and also hurt the heart of another girl. There were misunderstandings and I yelled at her. Few weeks later, we realized how he had messed with us both and nowadays we are very close friends. Who had seen that coming? Funny how things can go.

  1. The investigator

There is always that one person in the bunch who wants to know everything; from the color of your favorite socks to the number of stairs in your house. This one was like that. He was out to obtain all the facts about me. He was very careful about it, too; keeping mental notes on a lot of things. It didn’t take him long to notice from my voice how I was feeling, simply because he had been observing carefully. Not at all a bad trait, I’d say.

  1. The jock

Oh yes, the jock. I’ve had one of these too. He was aware of being the jock, too. He often referred to himself as ‘the dumb jock’. But it worked out just fine. He could be the dumb jock and I’d be the smart nerd. The best part about that would be that Hollywood directors of cliché movies about high schools would rage because that couldn’t happen in real life; only in movies. But no, we made it happen. Sorry.

  1. The feline

The internet also has this other thing called ‘lolcats’. It refers to people who really love cats and they will insist on convincing people to think that they too are cats. Thus, this one is a feline. His dedication to cats is quite high. I’ve had a discussion with him where I insisted I’d hug a ragamuffin for eternity until we’d die of starvation. His response was, “No, don’t let the kitty die!” After one full second, I realized he seemed more concerned about the cat than me. Yeah… He’s always been very sweet though; quite a rare gem among the bunch.

  1. The communicator

This is probably a vague title for someone. I felt that ‘the sensitive one’ or ‘the onion peeler’ would defy the trend I have going on here; two words per title. Nevertheless, last but not least we have this one. I picked this title to express how well he always communicated with him. Not only did he let me know what he was up to but he was also very open about his feelings towards me. That last part was something that always warmed my heart up, even in the middle of winter.

  1. The mystery

This spot is still unoccupied. Perhaps there will be someone in the future who will take this one and change the title to something else. I’ll wait and see what happens in life.


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