Irvin Gash; Analyzing Cavateh

cavateh-detailedI decided to write a little information about a character I’m quite fond of; Cavateh the dragon. It might be odd to say, but he’s a character that really ‘opened up to me’. He’s a character I managed to understand and figure out. He let me in to understand the fickle patterns of his mind and the inner workings of his personality. Of course he’s very complex and it’s hard to incorporate one’s true identity completely in just a short form. No form could truly do it at all, but here’s what little I can tell you about him.



Basic information

Name Cavateh
Definition Ice fire / ice of fire / burning ice
Nickname(s) Cava / Silver Eye
Gender Male
Crystal Sapphire
Physical age 3 years
Mental age 2000+ years

Physical attributes

Eye color Silver
Scale color Midnight/steel blue
Wing color Deep blue; a tad brighter than the scales
Build Slender limbs, aside from muscular shoulders and haunches. large wings, broad horns and claws, rounded attributes
Height 4,20m (at the shoulders)
Mentionable attributes


Bloodline Emandon + Aglass
Siblings Aravis, Symonta


Overall personality A diplomatic, formal approach. Cava does not refer to emotions often. He is usually analytical. He tends to be either calm or fired up. When agitated, he will raise his voice and speak more openly about his opinions.
Relationships Before bonding with someone, Cava will be kind, formal and honest with people. He will not easily leave anyone out, even if he is skeptical. His skepticism grows stronger around those he cares about in order to ensure they are safe. Once he cares for another person, he is very protective of them and watchful. He will sacrifice for them in order to keep them out of harm’s way. Cava can grow angry when someone harms those he loves.
History Cavateh is the offspring of two ancient dragons; veterans of an old war and establishers of the new world. They were the only ones that remained after the Ancient War. He carries many of their memories with him, however not of them as they were. Cava does not initially know his parents too well. It is only through his adventures that he obtains knowledge of them. As the descendant of ancient heroes, Cava feels compelled to protect the world from darkness and evil. This is what initially draws out the courage of his sapphire gem.
Talents A skilled flyer, a good listener, analytical
Fears Death without accomplishments, stagnant situations

Further information


Place in the story

Introduction Cavateh is first introduced in his alternative form, before he interacts with Ailena; the human he chooses to bond with. He comes in contact with her through the intervention of Ailena’s grandfather. After their first meeting, Cavateh’s true identity becomes steadily more apparent.
Role Cavateh acts as a supportive role for Ailena by guiding her through his memories and by teaching her what little he knows. He acts as her key to a new destiny; a new future.

Note: I wanted to write more about the role and the storyline, but I don’t want to give out any spoilers. Maybe I’ll write that in another post but I’ll place a big spoiler warning on it, don’t worry!


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