D&D; My character; Loyn Yscalia

Lately (say, the past few months), I have been getting into Dungeons and Dragons; a popular pen-and-paper role playing game that has taken the world by storm probably for more years than I have been alive for. Anyway, a friend of mine mentioned that he wanted to the be the Dungeon Master (the person who makes up the world and story, basically) and myself and my bestie were eager to participate so we jumped on it. Evidently, as a consequence, I/we have been composing our characters. I myself, being a storyteller at heart and an aspiring author, have constructed an elaborate backstory for my character. And for your amusement (and mine) I will write it here. This is the brief version. I have considered writing it into a short story or short novel just for fun.

NOTE: Until further notice, the character my friend plays will be called Yui.

Loyn’s backstory

The story of Loyn Yscalia starts with the story of his Elven mother; Aritima Yscalia. As the daughter of traveling merchants, she saw much of the world and became adventurous in doing so. Her curiosity towards other races that she met made her wise and tolerant; a loving heart developed within her.

One uncertain day, Aritima found that loving heart within the hands of a human man whom she had only briefly encountered within a city where her traveling family stopped for the time. Her natural beauty grasped the man and his otherworldly nature gripped Aritima. Over the span of approximately one week, the two grasped any chance to be with one another; both discovering the meaning of true love.

The pleasantries were torn away when Aritima’s family continued on their journeys. Heartbroken and unwilling to forget him, Aritima felt different than she had before. Shortly after, she discovered that she was with child. Confessing to her parents, they suggested she find a husband so to provide well for her child as well as to allow the unborn baby inheritance.

Though reluctant to follow their suggestion, Aritima’s conscience understood the benefits. Through mere chance, she met lord Ferralyn Affearsc; a young, attractive lord who seemed to have good intentions. After a brief courtship, the two married. Aritima, sensing the love in her new husband’s heart, confessed to the existence of her unborn child and even admitted to the baby being the offspring of a human man. Though shocked, Lord Ferralyn promised her and her child safety within his home.

Upon Loyn’s birth, his stepfather adopted the child in a manner that he was allowed to use the lord’s name for any gains he might need in life yet he was denied the succession and inheritance. As Loyn grew up, and three daughters came after him, he began to notice that he was indeed different from the rest of his family. Openly his mother had explained to him of his father; admitting to Loyn that she had loved the man very much. Yet Loyn knew that his father’s bloodline would cause him to be an outcast within his family.

His stepfather grew ever more cold towards him, as he began to realize that his dear wife did not speak of him in the way that she spoke of Loyn’s father. Still, he remained confident that she would some day grow to love him in the same way. Besides that, she was still rather beautiful and thus pleasant to his eyes and thus he kept her and the child around. He knew that, should he send Loyn away, he would lose his wife as well.

Loyn himself often suffered the scornful remarks and actions of his sisters; the eldest of which seemed to despise him for his very existence; mocking him for being in a place where he should not be. Meanwhile, being bored of his noble life and not being stimulated by studies and other methods that nobility require of their children, Loyn took up the art of the sword. Elves, being skilled masters in the art of swordsmanship, schooled him to near excellence; making him an exceptional product of their making.

Still, Loyn’s stepfather remained resentful and cold. Therefore, Loyn often took the woods; enjoying rides in the forests around his family’s estates. One day, he encountered a young elven spellcaster; alone and on the run. She told him that she was on her own; having ran from an arranged marriage she did not agree with and that she would accept any help he could give her. Empathizing with the elven caster, Loyn offered her refuge at his family’s home for any amount of days she required.

While she remained with his family, she told him of herself. Her name was Yui and she had been raised in lands far from civilization. An arranged marriage for peace between tribes had thrown her life into turmoil however and she had decided to flee. Loyn recognized that, she, like him, was an outcast of her own family.

Upon the day Yui decided to depart and continue her search for fortune elsewhere, Loyn decided to join the elf. He decided that, in coming with her and protecting her with his blades, he gained a purpose in life. After saying his farewells to his mother, Loyn gathered what few belongings he valued and departed into the forest beyond the Affearsc mansion; forever heading forward and never looking back. Since then, he has embarked on his journey with Yui; protecting her and accompanying her and in doing so, finally feeling valued.

Nowadays, if not necessary to be done otherwise, Loyn identifies himself with his mother’s name of Yscalia. She was, after all, the only one who ever loved him until Yui set him free.


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