Trizzy’s Creature Compendium #1: Warrior Wolves

Welcome to Trizzy’s Creature Compendium! I like to write about all the magical creatures I have made up in my lifetime. Though I wish I was, I am not a physical artist and thus I do not have pictures to add to these posts. Regardless, I hope these entries inspire fellow fantasy writers.

Warrior Wolves

Basic information

Category: Humanoid shapeshifters
Intelligence: Positive
Power: Magical, physical
Size: Average
Habitat: Cities, foriests

Assisted by the power of the wind, water or fire, these beautiful, shapeshifting beings are a link between man and nature. This race takes on the form of either wolves or humans. One of their organs, often the eyes, the heart, a certain bone or a portion of the skin is replaced by a magical  gem-like substance, representative of their sub race.

Sub races

Among Warrior Wolves, there are three sub races:

  • Water Wolves: creatures who bend water and use it to their defense or for healing purposes.
  • Wind wolves: creatures who push wind in order to create protective weaves or to enhance their running speed or jumping height.
  • Ember wolves: creatures who are able to heat oxygen in the air to set it or objects aflame.

After the end of the war of a thousand years prior, these three races remained. Before it, four others existed; wolves controlling earth, wolves controlling ice, wolves controlling lightning and wolves controlling sound. All of these were killed during the war.


During a time—approximately a millennium before the ‘now’ of the story where these creatures are featured—a woman obtained enormous powers. These powers allowed her to bend the laws of physics and nature. Using powers of earth, alchemy and water, she created the bodies of wolves. Using the power of spirit, she drew souls from a sacred realm that would inhabit the bodies of her creations. Of the seven races created, but three survive.

Legends also mention that this powerful woman shattered one of the three moons to use its shards to create these wolves. The world where these animals exists, does indeed only have two moons left. Whether once a third existed and it was shattered, is but a legend and remains to be proven.


These humanoid beasts are the holders of two forms; a human and a wolf. As a beast, the creatures are covered in a rough coat resembling the hair upon their heads when in human form. The creatures are commonly the same size as ‘natural’ wolves or a little larger. The eyes of these beings are equal when in wolf form or human form. As humans, these people are known to be graceful and quite beautiful. The agility of their wolf side remains when they become humans. Some Warrior Wolves use emblems or jewelry, even while in human form. Other features of clothing are transformed through alchemy and blended into the elements coat or bones.

Generalized personality

Of course, each Warrior Wolf is a specimen of its own, though there are some shared traits among the race and sub races. The majority of the race is loyal in nature. They also have very devoted minds when needed; if something catches their attention, they rarely stray from this point. Warriors are generally brave and have a fighting spirit; whether for ethical means or less ethical means.

The Water Wolves are generally gentler in nature than the other races. They can be very nurturing to others and the world around them. They generally have an attraction towards ‘pretty’ things as well. Structure makes sense to them, because the movement of water is also in accordance with patterns and the construction and arrangement of certain molecules.

Wind Wolves are usually grand leaders. They can easily weave their wind to create grand displays or even whistling sounds. They enjoy travel and the traversal of land and experiences. They tend to be protective of those around them.

Ember Warriors are understandably fierce but can also be very calm, warm company. They are very genuine when devoted to others or to causes. Ember Wolves are also highly independent; neither minding to be alone nor having difficulty with it. Regardless of this, they also value likeminded creatures.


Each sub race of Warrior Wolves is under the leadership of a king or queen who also acts as an alpha of a pack. Kingship means that a certain Warrior Wolf is the ruler of an entire sub race. Mere alpha status means that a certain Warrior Wolf can lead a collection of others; perhaps a military operation in a city or a rogue band. The position of these animals is highly regarded among their own race.

The kingship or alpha status is usually passed on to the young of a former ruler. Retirement is uncommon among Warriors and therefore, only death undoes them of their status. Usually in collaboration with family members, a new king, queen or alpha is chosen.

Warrior Wolves are keen on family and will usually choose mates when they are young adults. As they are fiercely loyal, Warrior Wolves usually stay with this mate for the rest of their life. Quite often, wolves from sub races mingle; creating genetically diverse offspring.

World involvement

As these beasts were created by the sheer will and magic of one single person, they are considered unnatural in nature. Regardless of this, they have integrated into the mechanics of the world. Though they were originally created as a military force, the animals have obtained free will through the generations and after the death of their creator. Many have joined military operations; packs have their own factions in the military. Some are scouts or spies while many are soldiers, too.

Others have taken up occupations or prefer their wilder sides and reside near the woods. Medical practices are also likely for this race; especially among Water Wolves. Using their water powers, these beings can manipulate the portion of a person’s blood that is liquid and so can stop bleeding temporarily. This makes these animals reliable nurses and doctors.

Not all wolves choose alignments of good, however. Many small bands of rogue wolves hunt and steal to earn a living. Mercenary work attracts a select few as well yet many of the Warrior Wolves remember stories of their ancestors and would rather devote themselves to honest work.

Environment of origin

These wolves are descendants of beings created from nothing, whose souls were stolen from a sacred realm. Therefore, they do not truly have a location of origin. What can be stated is that their souls originated in the Spirit Realm (or; the Realm) and that their bodies were created in a castle in the center of the world (in Imbiria, Cavant).

Power Spectrum

Warrior Wolves are considered powerful; by both fighters and commoners. They are spoken of in legends and stories. Because these beings are skilled as wolves, as magic users and as coordinators with other Warriors, they are fearsome foes. Few common soldiers even dare to face one alone, let alone a pair. Many of the wolves use their magic to enhance their physical power or use it for ranged attacks, making them skilled both in close combat or ranged combat. Additionally, these wolves have the minds of humans, the muscles of wolves as well as the senses of wolves; giving them grand advantages in nearly any field.

Magic-canceling items are the only thing that can truly threaten a Warrior Wolf since it can pierce through their magical weaves and hurt them. Aside from these, strategy and luck can be used to gain a distraction.


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