Trizzy’s Creature Compendium #3: Rutala

Welcome to Trizzy’s Creature Compendium! I like to write about all the magical creatures I have made up in my lifetime. Though I wish I was, I am not a physical artist and thus I do not have pictures to add to these posts. Regardless, I hope these entries inspire fellow fantasy writers.


Basic information

Category: Humanoid
Intelligence: Positive
Power: Charisma
Size: Average

A folk as fair as elves, rutala are highly charismatic and charming. Due to their inherent power to steal the life force of other creatures, they can stay eternally young. Some rutala are unwilling to perform the act and age in the same method as humans. Those who do participate in the act often seduce their targets to make their hearts yearn, which makes it easier to syphon it from them. In that way, rutala are the ultimate predators to any other humanoids.


Rutala are an old race who have inhabited the world for as long as modern history can record. They, like humans, evolved over countless years into what they are now. The origin of the powers that the rutala all naturally have, is still unknown. Scholars have not dared to study it—or have not survived their attempts and rutala are not concerned with this knowledge.

Rutala can have children with humans. The genes of rutala are usually recessive, meaning that most offspring are unable to use the powers that rutala have. A rare few however, do have these powers and most do not become aware of their hunger for life force until they are young adults, suggesting that the power does not develop fully until that age.


Rutala are highly attractive to humans as well as to other rutala. They have adapted their body language to be alluring to their prey. Their charisma is natural; a trait related to their bloodline. They appear in a multitude of eye colors, hair colors and other physical features. Their figures are generally slim and they are very agile and fast. In their history, rutala used these physical abilities to hunt prey and force the life force out of them. In modern times, they use there physical appearance to allure instead.

Generalized personality

Rutala are extroverts and have a flair for the dramatic. They can make a scene unintentionally to draw attention to their very existence. Rutala seem very kind and warm-hearted, should one decide to ignore their ulterior motives. However, if they truly should love someone, they will take the utmost care to protect that person and to make sure they will not get hurt; even willing to relinquish their youth or hunger to grow old with this person. As parents, they are also highly fierce and protective and ensure excellent education for their offspring.

Besides their deceptions, rutala are curious and perceptive. They have brilliant smiles and can genuinely enjoy contact with people and groups. Rutala highly appreciate pretty things and will go out of their way to obtain it or appreciate it.


Rutala used to live in small packs; usually a collection of relatives and their spouses. Upon the development of cities and other communities, rutala started to integrate into the world of humans. Their worlds and genes began to intermingle in doing so. Many humans are unaware of their existence, however. Not only are the unable to distinguish the two races, they lack knowledge of the other race’s entire existence.

Nowadays, many rutala have acquired positions in society that will provide them with plenty of interaction with other creature—they are herd animals after all—as well as plenty of targets for them to hunt. Some royal figures even carry the blood within them.

World involvement

For thousands of years, rutala did not engage with humans aside from hunting them. Rarely did humans survive such a hunt and the few that spoke of their encounter were often not believed because of the rarity of their news. Many humans blamed the wilds for missing persons. Due to this, the knowledge of rutala remained dim. As the ages progressed, the two worlds flowed more fluently into one. Most rutala, valuing riches, moved into the cities to acquire objects and life. They are nearly impossible to distinguish and have become masters at disguising their kills.

Environment of origin

During past ages, rutala resided in the woods; having tamed the whims of nature. They either roamed a set location, moved about nomadically or built a small base to which they always returned. Examples of such bases are caves or other shelters.

In these times, rutala hunted other beings too; creatures of the forests. These beings also carried life force but their energies have always been less appealing to rutala. Hunting these beats were usually out of necessity rather than a method to replenish life.

Power spectrum

Agile and fast, rutala are not only fearsome due to their powers to steal away life. They can harm or kill targets in other ways too and will not hesitate when they feel threatened. A stone heart and steel armor will shape the best defense against these creatures.


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