Contemplating a Book 0

Cover-nivitera´s promiseFor years now, just over two (it feels more like five) I have been working on my main project called Nivitera’s Promise; a project that will eventually span four different books. The story was large to begin with, but actually writing it made me realize that one novel would not be enough to encompass its entirety. So instead, I have decided to split the story into four parts. The reason for the number four is that the whole world of Nivitera’s Promise consists of divisions in quarters. This is because there are four gods who control everything, too.

However, I spent today, the second day of my 24th year, contemplating something. What if I wrote a book 0? It seems to be a popular thing in fantasy writing. Many authors write a book 0 before or after their series to explain further things or give information about characters who are featured in their series.

The reason why I want to write a book 0 is to fully exploit my own ideas of the age that past half a millennium ago. There was a large-scale change in the world at that time. It would be interesting to write that out in the form of a (short(er)) book. This would push me to fully indulge in the idea of the past and I will have to point out all of the details very specifically.

The one problem I have however, is that the past event is a very long story on its own. Otherwise, I would love to write it in its entirety. For now, I am considering writing parts of it in ‘book style’ for the above mentioned reasons.

A brief summary

Five hundred years ago, the land of Cavant had not been established. The center of the mainland consisted of independent cities. A young woman who attained magic beyond the limitations of any other human or beast, brought together the majority of this land. In her company, she had Warrior Wolves. It is rumored that she shattered one of the moons to create these ferocious beasts. Combined with other sources of magic and the woman’s ability to fuse souls to matter, they were the fighting force of her reign.

Using her minions and her own magic, she set out from her home city to bring together the cities and establishing the nation of Cavant. Soon after, she crowned herself empress of the nation. Due to her ruthless way and the looming danger of her magic, the surrounding nations soon started to fight back when their borders touched those of the new country. This throws the world into a world war where Cavant attempts to fight two fronts.

Due to that, the newly attained throne was lost to the queen. A handful of powerful magicians and warriors managed to overthrow her within her own fortress; forcing her to execute an action as a last resort. In order to keep her motives alive, she cast away her own shadow using a light and dark gem. She wove her shadow into a physical entity and drew a spirit from beyond the physical world to inherit the newly formed body of darkness. She presented to him her most powerful artifact and tasked him with finding her when next she would reincarnate. Shortly after this, the armies beyond the castle walls found their way to her and ended her life.

Now, half a millennium later, this shadow still roams; seeking desperately for any sign of the reincarnated soul of the fallen queen; the part of him from which he hails. Desperately does he attempt to reconnect with her so to feel whole again and to make her wishes true.


Though I have that basic outline, I still have a few points to work out. The process by which she conquered the world and grew powerful is one. I have a vague idea of how she obtained the magic that she did but it could still use some revamping and tweaking. Finally, I need to expand on the reason for her desire for power and territory. I have a basic idea; anger at the world and the gods and conquering the world could grant her more power so she might challenge even the gods. Perhaps…

Regardless, I really enjoy thinking about the story and the history within the world. Often times while I was writing Nivitera’s Promise itself, I made references to the past. I explained modern culture through subtle dialogue or such that was a result of the past.

Additionally, if I write this story, I would mainly keep it in my large concentration of documents. I can use it as a reference guide for myself. If ever I finish Nivitera’s Promise itself and manage to publish it and it becomes somewhat popular, then I will also rewrite book 0 so the fans can continue to enjoy the world of Arroyina. I’d do it for them.

May destiny be kind to you.


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