Trizzy’s Creature Compendium #5: SKB01

Welcome to Trizzy’s Creature Compendium! I like to write about all the magical creatures I have made up in my lifetime. Though I wish I was, I am not a physical artist and thus I do not have pictures to add to these posts. Regardless, I hope these entries inspire fellow fantasy writers. 


Basic information

Category: Winged beasts
Intelligence: Positive
Power: Physical
Size: Large

For lack of a better name for the ferocious creatures, the settlers named them skybeasts; codenamed SKB01. Upon arrival on the new planet called Liberty, humanity faced this new foe who was unlike any creature they had left behind on the Earth. The beasts in turn, reacted to humans destroying their habitat. An endless struggle ensued between the highly advanced civilization and the native flying beasts.


Skybeasts are native to the planet of Liberty. Their planet has existed for millions of years longer than Earth. Their solar system has existed for much longer than the one surrounding the Sun. Unlike humans, the native beasts never sought to exploit the land. They lived in harmony with it. Meanwhile on Earth, humans had exhausted their own planet and sought refuge; finding a wormhole leading to Liberty. They arrived in masses; settling on the lush, green planet that reminded many of the tales of what Earth once was rumored to be.

The lineage of skybeasts goes back far. Their current species has existed for millions of years, making them highly skilled and wise. Not to mention their ability to manifest certain powers within their blood. Skybeasts have managed to evolve in such a way that cosmic radiation does not harm them.


SKB01 is registered by the military as fast-moving airborne beasts that appear to most as a blur of color due to their speed. They are registered as being violent and dangerous. The military cautions anyone against approaching one.

However, skybeasts are much more than this. They have elongated bodies covered in scales of any color. Their wolf like heads have a handful of horns atop it; the amount varies per beast. Around their heads is a thick mane that covers only a portion of their long neck. Another assembly of ‘fluff’ is located at the base of their neck; where it connects to the shoulders. A portion of the shoulders, the chest and the ribs are protected by this fur. Around their haunches there is also a thick set of fur. On the ends of their long, slim tails is a plume that helps them steer their flight. Atop their neck, down their spine and along their tail is a line of hair that stands up and is equal in color to the mane and fur. Unlike would be assumed of the appearance, the hair is quite sturdy and rough.

The beasts have muscular legs that can bend any which way to allow them sturdy footing. At the ends of each foot are four toes; each ending in a large, thick talon. Another smaller toe sits at the back of their feet and can be used in combination with the others to grip things. The hind legs have five toes; all at the front. The soles of the hind feet are larger too; making it possible for the creatures to balance on their hind legs for a short amount of time. The hind legs also seem more muscular to help the creatures lift off into flight. Their wings, constructed from light bone and membrane, extend from within the collection of fur on the shoulders. Large as they are, the beasts can tuck the wings in against their sides; making them seem smaller than they truly are.

Every skybeast has its own distinct color pattern. Colors for their fur can be a mixture of colors. The remainder of the body is covered in either hard or soft scales. The soft scales cover areas where there are more muscles and more movement is required. The scales are usually darker near the beasts back and lighter near its belly. Wing colors also vary strongly. Their horns and talons can also have distinct colors. Their eyes can have any color. This variation in colors can make the beasts vibrant and makes each unique like a fingerprint or a snowflake.

Generalized personality

Skybeasts are considered violent and careless because humans have been involved in a long power struggle with them. The true nature of SKB01 has never been investigated by mankind.

In their own circles however, skybeasts are considered gentle. The only reason they attack humans is to protect their planet from the harm that humans are inflicting upon it. Never before did the beasts act so violently towards others species. Circumstance has however pushed them.

Skybeasts are, in truth, very caring and wise. They are patient and intelligent. Due to their long history on the planet, they are in tune with their environment. They have a deep understanding of their place in the world and in the cosmic background as a whole. They are generally humbled easily. Skybeasts value peace and kindness. They ultimately seek compassionate and wisdom.


Skybeasts live among the trees with one another. The weather is fairly stable in general. The most severe conditions are wind and rain. Usually rain prolongs for a while, after which a multitude of sunny days occur. Climate is stable and thus the beasts are adapted to their environment. Their scales are resilient to water and they are skilled flyers even in windy conditions. Skybeasts often live with or near their families in clearings or forests.

Since skybeasts can become very old, they also age slowly. Young skybeasts are not only taught to fly and to forage for food but they receive more formal education, too. Since skybeasts are intelligent creatures, they speak their own language. The ‘words’ sound akin to whistling, humming and singing. The language itself, however, is highly alien and nearly impossible for humanity to learn. The pronunciation is not only tricky for humans, but there are rules in the language that are not familiar to any human culture.

When of age, skybeasts are not in a hurry to find companionship. Many of them can enjoy solitary conditions without trouble. It is normal for a young skybeast to venture away from home for long periods of time to fly about the world and learn of the planet before returning home or settling elsewhere.

Much like humans, skybeasts court one another and they may be polyamorous at times. They are however fiercely dedicated when they do find a friend or a mate. Though protective of their children, the beasts do not have any natural enemy aside from humans, at this point in time.

Many of the beasts who lived near the first human settlements were either chased away, killed or they fled of their own accord. Nowadays, the majority hides in the deep, uncharted wilderness for their own protection.

Skills and abilities

An unusual gene in the blood of the skybeasts make them resistant to cosmic radiation. The beasts also do not require oxygen, necessarily. Over time and through evolution, they not only became masters of the sky, but masters of the cosmic realm. Using the vacuum of space and their own acceleration into space, these beasts have learned to traverse through space at alarming speeds. Not only this, but they have learned to change mass and energy to become negative mass or negative energy. Using this, they can tear open small rifts in timespace and create wormholes. Using these wormholes, the creatures can traverse the entire universe and also any point in time. The only issue is that it takes time and trial and error before they open the desired wormhole.

Power spectrum

The skybeasts are a grand threat to humanity’s settlement. They are very fast; often too fast to be seen clearly by the naked eye. Their sharp physical weapons can tear open human flesh within an instant.

To counter the beasts and to even the field, the military has developed a device. Rather by chance, humanity discovered that the beasts feel harmed by a certain magnetic field and radio wave. The beasts will flee to avoid contact with the painful sensations. Humanity has placed these objects all over the settlement and equips their patrols with the devices when they move into the wilderness to protect them. The handheld devices of scouts takes a lot of energy, however. Therefore, they only use it when the beasts approach or attack. The city has massive storages of energy and can therefore supply the devices with power nonstop. This is the only defense that humanity has against the ferocious and yet intelligent monsters. Unbeknownst to them, their enemies were the ones who opened the wormhole to welcome them. Yet to the great despair of the creatures, they may have welcomed their own demise.


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