Trizzy’s Creature Compendium #6: Duskfairies

Welcome to Trizzy’s Creature Compendium! I like to write about all the magical creatures I have made up in my lifetime. Though I wish I was, I am not a physical artist and thus I do not have pictures to add to these posts. Regardless, I hope these entries inspire fellow fantasy writers.


Basic information

Category: Fairies
Intelligence: Positive
Power: Magic
Size: Small

Both powerful as allies and enemies, these interdimensional creatures roam a world of their own. Their objectives, often misunderstood or skewed, very strongly from those upon other planes of existence. Their dimension of origin, after all, has different dilemmas and conflicts. Thus, these creatures handle life in a completely different way.


Duskfairies evolved within their own realm to become a leading race among their own world. Their heritage is questionable. Scholars suspect that their former evolutions have vanished into the sands of time. The fairies themselves are not concerned with their lineage. They are not known to dwell on the past.


Duskfairies vary in appearance to fairies of light. The wings, that seem to take resemblance to those of butterflies, are often of dark blues and violets with intervals of grey or silver. Their bodies are rather small and covered in short fur that is green, blue, turquoise or in rare instances a vivid orange. Rather than legs, these creatures have a slender tail reminiscent of fish or merfolk. Their hands and arms are considerably slender and small compared to the remainder of their body. Their arms are often colored in the same way as their bodies but there can be differences between body parts. The nails upon the thin fingers of these creatures are black. The heads, in contrast, are larger than expected. Their gleaming eyes are either red, yellow or gold. A rare few have irises of lime green color. They have short but sharp fangs in their otherwise human faces. Thick strands of hair—in every color imaginable—cascade from their heads; usually no further than their shoulders.

Because the fairies have both wings and tails, they are excellent flyers as well as swimmers. They use these limbs to swim easily or they use their tails to assist in flying.

Duskfairies are known for strange attire, an allure to shiny things or noteworthy headgear. Royalty of dusk carry crowns of grand magnificence; sparkling with countless jewels and metals. Some fairies are seen with necklaces or bracelets. Often these pieces of jewelry double as containers of magic.

Generalized personality

Duskfairies are skeptical of things that are not from their own world. Their existence on other planes is fairly recent and therefore they are still fairly hesitant and cautious. Within their own world, however, they are a lot more outgoing. They contain endless wisdom of many worlds and the inner workings of magic, too.

When interacting with a duskfairy, they can be perceived as rude or exceptionally straightforward. This however, is normal among their own culture. Despite this, their metaphors are strong. Often they seem cryptic, even when they do not intend to be. To them, their method of conveying a message is quite normal.

Generally, they are curious of their surroundings but are at the same time intelligent enough to understand that recklessness can cause harm. Fairies of dusk are rarely skilled at healing magic and therefore, caution is usually the best method.


Fairies of dusk fall under the rule of a queen while within their own realm. Those who travel to other dimensions are often sent as emissaries, as messengers, as scholars or other matters of importance. In rare instances, a runaway can be encountered within other dimensions. Whether they ran from dusk or the world of dusk varies per fairy. Otherwise, they often have occupations of their own. Many of these occupations involve magic or are performed through the act of magic.

The societies of duskfairies are slow-moving. This is because the fairies of dusk age very slowly. They grow very old, if not immortal. Few ever die of old age.

Environment of origin

Duskfairies originated (and still greatly inhabit) the realm of dusk. This other plane often resembles other dimensions since they are closely linked. However, within this world, the dusk seems to prevail. Days do not pass and nights do not occur. The situation of dusk is endless. It has existed for as long as has been recorded among the inhabitants.

Additionally, many methods of magic or even certain spells work in one realm but not in the other. This is the same for the dusk realm. Within it, dusk magic is performed. Though this is a specific kind of magic, the fairies of the realm and several other magical creatures have learned to hone their skills and can apply the magical energy in many ways.

Skills and abilities

Over the millennia that they existed, these creatures managed to harbor their magic and twist it in such a way to allow portals to come into existence. These portals allow entrance to other planes and dimensions. The procedure requires particular combinations of magical energies as well as a lot of physical energy. The closer the current plane is to another, the easier it is to open a portal. If planes are far apart, it can be more difficult if not impossible to open a portal.

Duskfairies are also prone to magic. Few to no fairies exist who do not have an innate spark. There is no formal magical training within their societies. Fairies tend to have an instinct for the magic of dusk, after all. They understand it deeply and can thus use It with ease. Some dusk fairies that venture beyond the borders of their realms, learn to harbor the magic within other planes as well. This instance is rarer, however, since the fairies of dusk may not understand the other forms of magic as easily. They also do not believe in being taught.

Power spectrum

In ages past, a small scale war existed between the realm of dusk and an army of humans. Despite the fact that even many of these humans were skilled at magic, their abilities stood not a chance against the dusk, whose numbers were lower. Defeating the fairies of dusk within their own realm has thus been considered impossible, since their magic is so outstandingly powerful. They also seem outstandingly resilient. Magical defenses commonly shield the beings when in combat. However, an actual stab to the being’s heart will kill it quickly. Also cutting the wings will make it harder to move. However, some fairies will weave magic to help them move or they will perform summons. In doing this, they will open a portal to allow a creature of the dusk to cross to their current location or the creature of dusk transports through the portal. Often times, lions or wolves are summoned for the dusk fairies to use as modes of offense aas well as transportation when needed.


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