Another Reason to Write

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pen cartoonMy life would make for a terrible novel and an even worse movie. As a series, there would be too little material to make a show or it would become repetitive every episode, really. I don’t do outrageous things. I don’t take on great challenges. I am not within the midst of conflict. My life is quite bland.

I am however not concerned with any of that. I am in a place in my life that I like. I enjoy my studies. The people around me are exceptionally kind and caring. I have no negative persons in my life. I am safe. I am warm. I am well fed. My hobbies are mainly writing, reading and video games. Now and then I watch Netflix or watch Critical Role on YouTube. I am an introvert. I do not go out and party and meet interesting people every week.

My life is plain. My life is simple. I dare say, some would call it boring.

I disagree.

What gives my life meaning is exactly the same thing that makes it so simple. The few people I have in my life, I deeply care for. The conversations that I have with them are so rich and expansive. The places I visit through books and games and even through writing, make me feel like my life is beyond full. The images that are placed within my mind and the thoughts that dwindle are what make life worth it. To me, my life is a collection of wisdom and knowledge; delivered through me in the manner that they are.

Live good. Live with morale. Live wisely.

These aspects also encompass my four principles.

All these things though, I want to share with the world. I want to be kind to others directly but I also want them to feel the things I do when experiencing the written word. I wondered to myself earlier; “Why should I write? It does not make me a better or more fulfilled person to publish a book.” I then resumed to think of what books do for me; the richness and pleasant feeling they deliver to my life. I am not sure that I can be as good as the authors that I read but perhaps I will be. Then, why would I withhold my words from the world if it makes others happy? Why not make the world better with my own written words and images?

I would be robbing the future.


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