Who Am I? (2)

It’s been well over a year and a half since I wrote my last version of Who Am I. I thought, since I have been changing and developing, I might as well write another one so I can update the world of my whereabouts and add new ones. So here we go again; for the second time.

  1. I own six polar bear plushes, two cats, three unicorns, three horses, two foxes and one Toothless.
  2. Dresses are pleasant to me.
  3. I consider snails to be adorable.
  4. Red and white are the colors in my living room.
  5. I am an idealist.
  6. Broccoli is my favorite vegetable.
  7. I enjoy the beach.
  8. Fantasy is my preferred genre in every form of media.
  9. I am an introvert.
  10. Nowadays, I am a D&D player.
  11. I have two full shelves of books.
  12. My day usually starts with growling at the world.
  13. I am interested in understanding other religions.
  14. My preferred senses are hearing and touch.
  15. I played the trumpet when I was a child.
  16. I find glowsticks to be amusing.
  17. Stars are fascinating to me.
  18. I have a small collection of overly colorful sun hats.
  19. Light letters on dark backgrounds are easier for me to read.
  20. I can draw cats and dragons.
  21. I am a perfectionist.
  22. Reincarnation seems probable to me.
  23. ‘Pedantic’ is probably my favorite word.
  24. I believe the soul is immortal.
  25. The only vocabulary word I learned in high school was ‘xenophobia’.
  26. I am able to fend.
  27. Now and then the world makes me sad.
  28. I prefer the sound of male voices over female voices.
  29. Aside from nail polish, I never wear make-up.
  30. My patience is nearly infinite.
  31. I have about five full diaries.
  32. Freedom is important to me.
  33. I once experienced a tarot card reading.
  34. Many of the products in my house are vegan.
  35. I am a member of the political party concerned with the environment and equality.
  36. Stress is uncommon in me.
  37. I have dual citizenship.
  38. Responsibility, ambition and a willingness to smile are the three most attractive traits to me.
  39. I am shorter than both my parents and both my brothers.
  40. The letters A and L seem feminine to me.
  41. ‘Pretty’ things appeal to me.


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