Trizzy’s Creature Compendium #9: Ember Souls

Welcome to Trizzy’s Creature Compendium! I like to write about all the magical creatures I have made up in my lifetime. Though I wish I was, I am not a physical artist and thus I do not have pictures to add to these posts. Regardless, I hope these entries inspire fellow fantasy writers.

Ember souls

Basic information

Category: Magical creatures
Intelligence: Average
Power: Fire-based magic
Size: Above average

Serpents, birds, lions, scorpions; the ember souls appear in many shapes and sizes. Their bodies blaze like the sun with heat as intense as that within the planet itself. Though they are rarely seen among the human world, several have been sighted and have been considered the greatest horror in history.

A handful of brave souls however, have managed to tame these spirits and bend them to their will; placing them into metaphorical chains. This allows the master to control the beast.


Ember souls reside within the flame dimension, which is thought to be the resting place of the Divine Phoenix; who was one of the six deities that the gods summoned to bring life and order to the world.

The flame dimension is a parallel world of existence that can be entered through portals or through powerful magics. The realm is engulfed in flame and crimson clouds drift within a gloomy sky. It is warm and dark. Religious figures have established it as the equivalent of ‘hell’ in appearance.

Unlike the dimension that it mirrors, there are no recognizable landmarks to humans. This is because humans are not in tune with the energy of the flame dimension. Creatures native to this realm however, see and sense the world in a completely different way and can thus navigate it. Other creatures will likely become lost among the fires.


Ember souls encompass the essence that is fire. When unchained, their appearances shift as their wills do. They can scatter their flames about in a cloud or collect it all into a dense collection of fire. They can also embody mystical creatures or animals from the human world. However, these beasts can only become what they can imagine perfectly within their mind.

When chained by a master, their wills become scattered. They become subject to the will and whim of their master. This also means that it is harder for the being to force its will in a certain direction. Therefore, many chained ember souls only embody one creature; commonly one chosen by the master or one that they existed within before being chained.

Ember souls are agender. They reproduce by evicting part of themselves and thus creating a new being out of their own flames. This also means that the new creature gains a soul and is thus different from its parent.

Generalized personality

The personality traits associated with ember souls are greatly different from those associated with humans or any being on the plane of existence that humanoids inhabit. The reason for this is that the creatures live in a completely different dimension. Within their world, other priorities exist than those of humanoids. Their behaviour reflects this.

What little can be said is that chained ember souls commonly are stimulated by their masters to display certain traits. This will essentially mold them to the liking of the one who controls them.

Likewise do their minds work in an altered fashion. Their method of communication is different and is therefore hard to grasp for humanoids. This can create great friction between the ember soul and the master. Additionally, the creatures do not thrive oon intelligence.


Ember souls do not live in structures of any kind. They simply exist in their world. They often blend in as smoothly as glass would in water. Unexperienced persons would not know the difference between natural fire and an ember soul. The creatures are not strongly aware of a balance in power and status. They do however fight one another now and then; the end goal being to weaken the opponent so much that it burns itself out. Losing energy to maintain the fire of the ember souls means they could perish.

World involvement

Rarely are ember souls seen in the world of humans. They do not come by choice to the parallel world since it is unfamiliar and strange to them and it makes them feel unsafe. Though, a select few have chased humans through a portal to take revenge on them as the humans attempted to chain the beasts. The result was a rain of crimson embers. This has given the beasts a terrible reputation and they are believed to be extremely hostile.

Only the most powerful of humans can chain these beasts. What they do is exhaust the creatures until they nearly burn out and then nurture their fire with a flame they create themselves. In doing so, they create a fiery bind to the being. This then links the ember soul to the human until one of them passes.

Modern laws require that the chains that the masters create are passed on to other humans if the current master should pass. This is done through exceptionally powerful magic. The reason for this is to ensure the creatures will not destroy the world upon gaining their freedom.

Skills and abilities

As their name would explain, ember souls have power over fire. As they age and gain experience in life, they become more powerful in the use of their powers. The most ancient ember soul was thought to be the Divine Phoenix, who had enough power to lay entire planes of existence to waste. Yet whether this creature was truly an ember soul is still not confirmed. Its divine nature makes it hard to investigate.

Nevertheless, the powers these beings wield is feared and for good reason. Despite their fire-based nature, they are not weak to water or other natural elements. It is nearly impossible to harm one since they do not feel pain nor do they have a system that keeps them alive in the same way that humans do. This is why they have become formidable weapons and expensive luxuries. Due to their strangeness, many beings forget that they too are sentient. Nonetheless, some outlandish spells have managed to harm the beings.

Power spectrum

The method to defeating an ember soul lies in endurance. Only when exhausting one can it be defeated since it could burn itself out. Exceptional magic can perform this or exercising the creature excessively will also do the trick.


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