Arroyina: Power Gems

Magic cardThe planet that features Nivitera’s Promise is named Arroyina. Powers granted by the gods govern the planet. These powers are contained in magical artifacts known as power gems; enchanted crystals that can be found throughout the world. The kingdom of Hyron, located to the northeast upon the mainland, mines a lot of these gems. This creates an intricate balance between Hyron and its neighbors.

Strengths of power gems

The power contained within each gem is different. Like a vessel, the gem contains a certain amount of energy. When channeling the magic through a power gem, the user must learn to use an appropriate amount to create certain scenarios. Additionally, the more skilled and experienced users can create a larger outcome with less energy because they know precisely how to use the energy in the gem.

Like a vessel does, the gem can run out of energy. It then grows dull and its qualities become nullified. Though it is tricky, a power gem’s user can transfer their own energy into the gem. This is however not a practice that many use since it is very dangerous and could cause a user to lose control of the flow of energy.

While using a power gem, the user will continuously feel a battle of wills. The power gem can easily overpower a user and burn them out or kill them. The user must maintain focus in order to place barriers on the gem’s energy. This makes combat using the objects very difficult due to the amount of distractions. Therefore, many aspiring young people must meditate for countless hours before they acquire their first gem from their tutors.

Types of power gems

Gems appear in various categories, depending on the consequences they can trigger. The groupings are as follows;

  • Common gems
  • Uncommon gems
  • Special gems
  • Rare gems
  • Divine gems

Common gems


Fire gems vary in color from yellow to orange to red to violet. The stone is generally warm, unless there is little to no power remaining within the gem. If it is empty or small, it is colder to the touch.


Water gems are violet, a shade of blue or turquoise. Some are dark enough to be perceived as black. Water gems define themselves by their dark colors and flowing shapes. The edges are always rounded. If a stone is empty or weak, the color will be fainter. If the gem is powerful and/or full, the color is more vivid.


Air gems are light colors. Colors that are included are light hues of grey, white, silver, light blue, light green, light violet, light red, soft pink or vanilla yellow. Gems full of power and energy are lighter. If a stone is empty, it will feel heavier.


Earth gems have deep colors. They are brown, grey or a shade of green; reaching from lime to turquoise. A powerful gem is heavy and resillient. A weak stone is lighter and is more easily harmed. It can become chipped or scarred.


Ice gems are (as the name would suggest) icy colored. Grey, white, silver or light blue is what defines the gem physically. Powerwise, an ice gem is rather cold to the touch. A cool stone is weaker than an actually chilly gem.


A lightning gem is white, yellow or vivid blue. There is no ‘in between’ color. A lightning gem feels ‘tingly’ when touched. It feels dull when it is weak or powerless.

Uncommon gems


A shadow gem is black without exception. However, a power gem is hard to see because it is surrounded in a coat of shadow. Upon holding it, one’s fingers can be coated in this shadow as well. However the coat of darkness is not felt. The power gem uses darkness to power attacks or defenses.


A light gem is white without exceptions. The stone gives off a bright glow however. It can be quite painful to look at, depending on how strong the gem is. The gem is used to manifest light as an element to manipulate into obeying.


A mineral gem can be any color. However, the gem is commonly a mixture of any and all colors; seemingly covered in a plasma of interlocking, vaguely flowing colors. It is not grey, unless empty. Mineral gems allow a person to change atoms to create one element out of others. It is a difficult art and thus a rare kind. It is often used for alchemy, however.


Sound gems aren’t defined by color. They can be any color. However they can be felt vibrating; like a beating heart. A faster beat defines more energy. Sound gems can be used to create and manipulate sound waves. These waves can be of frequencies higher than humans can perceive.

Special gems


A time gem corresponds with the color of the sky at the given moment. At night it is dark. At day, it is lighter. The power gem allows one to stop, speed up or slow time.However, the power gem of time is not an oracle. It can not tell what the future holds. Time travel to the past isn’t possible either. However one can use the gem to retrieve what has happened in the past. Though the time gem freezes time, the user can push themselves through the barriers of being frozen. But it is like ripping their body through glass. It will cut them up and injure them; depending on how strong the time barrier is.


A blood gem is crimson red. It expands and contracts steadily like a heart would. The power gem of blood allows a person to manipulate their own blood or that of another in any way they desire. They can stoll it, speed it up, move it, heat it, cool it. However the gem’s usage is a strain upon one’s own heart since the power gem beats in accordance with the heart of the user.


Cosmic gems are dark with bright spots. The brighter the spots, the stronger the gem is. The cosmic gem allows a person to summon the powers of the universe; hypernovas, supernovas and black holes. Using these powers expose the user to the radiation that outer space would provide.

Rare gems


The spirit gem is transparent. Within it glows the color of the mood of the controller of the spirit gem. It is as strong or weak as the holder of it is. The spirit gem opens the gate between the physical realm and the spirit realm and can draw forth spirits from the other dimension. It can also bring people from the physical world to the spirit  world. Only one spirit gem exists.

Divine gems

The divine gems are special in their own right. Only one of each exists. Each gem links to the god who resides over them. They must be earned. They will not work for anyone but a chosen subject.

Ni’s gem

Ni is the god of courage. His gem is white with intricate patterns of black lines across the surface. What these patterns say, only the gods themselves can divine. The gem grants a user the ability to expand his or her courage to others and to become more intimidating towards others.

Vi’s gem

As Vi is the goddess of strength and power, her gem allows such advantages to its user. It can weaken an opponent and amplify the user’s powers. The gem itself is a blend of magenta, yellow and cyan. These colors cover the surface of the gem in small patches; the edges of each part sharp as a knife so no colors intertwine with others.

Te’s gem

Te is the god of wisdom and knowledge. Her gem grants the user insights that would be unknown to others. It can also partially purge the minds of others. The gem itself is covered in intricate patterns of green, purple and red. The shapes bend and loop around one another but never blend.

Ra’s gem

Finally, Ra reigns over loyalty and selflessness. His gem does nothing such as bind others. It does not cause subjects to become loyal to the other. It does not create kindness either. It simply creates amplified feelings in those around it. Ra, being considered the final god, has all colors upon his gem; in patterns and swirls. The design of it is, understandably, unlike any human art but it is art in its own right.

For a full account of the gods of this world, see this post.

This has been a brief explanation on magical powers used within my magical world.

May destiny be kind to you.


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