✓ Bucket List

Do I need to write an introduction for this? I’m not even sure. I think a bucket list is fairly self-explanatory. It’s a list of things a person still wants to achieve in life. So let’s get to the fun part. Here is my bucket list.

Note: I edit when I feel like it!

Construct and write the Primary Trilogy 0 / 3
Construct and write all of Nivitera’s Promise 0 / 3
Write 10 children’s stories 0 / 10
Write a love story
Write out 3 more writing ideas 0 / 3
Analyze 3 more characters 1 / 3
Construct and write a writing month
Publish a fantasy novel
Publish a series
Visit a place in North America
Visit a place in South America
Visit a place in Europe
Visit a place in Africa
Visit a place in Asia
Visit a place in Oceania
Visit Italy
Visit Ireland
Go on a cruise
Go on a vacation to explore nature
See the Eiffel tower at night
See the Northern Lights
Travel abroad for at least a month
Experience fika in Sweden
Little adventures
Swim with dolphins
Swim by a natural waterfall
Go wine tasting
Watch the sunset over the ocean/sea
Pick fruit in a garden
Visit a planetarium
Attend a musical
Attend a concert
Visit 3 museums 0 / 3
Take a ride in a limousine
Visit a cat café
If only once
See a star
Purposely break something
Plant a tree
Get a professional manicure
Get a professional pedicure
Donate blood
Dine at a multi-star restaurant
Social stuff
Invite the family over and cook them a complete meal
Buy Christmas gifts for the whole family
Do something with mom
Do something with dad
Hopeless romantic
Kiss at midnight
Take a moonlit stroll
Dance in the rain
Travel together
Write a love song
Witness the sunset/sunrise
Drink one milkshake with two straws
Go on a picnic
Get married/a civil union
Have a family
Planning for the future
Translate resume into Englihs
Sell something
Earn a degree
Get a job
Have 1 cat 0 / 1
Have 2 cats 0 / 2
Have 3 cats 0 / 3
Own a full book closet
Own a dishwasher
Own a laundry dryer
Have a full size bath tub
Own a house
Create a timeline of your achievements
Take part in 10 contest/competitions 0 / 10
Win something
Leave 10 notes for strangers to find 0 / 10
Surprise someone with flowers
Help run a charity event
Advocate something
Create a card or board game
  Decorate a functional object
Create your own coasters
Create your own candles
Create a gift for someone
  Design a piece of clothing
  Write 3 new songs 1 / 3
  Learn to play the piano