The Best Pet


If there is one thing that my home makes evident about me (aside from my love of Zelda) it is the love I have for cats! My feline friends are in picture frames and I have statues of their brethren. I even have a self-designed mug of a cat. I always pick this mug when I drink tea or hot cocoa. I’ve been considering making a few more to make up a bit of a collection of cat mugs. Thoughts?

Cat mug.png
This image is wrapped around my mug

Anyways, cats are a wonderful pet to have. Though I am sad to announce that I currently have none since my landlord doesn’t allow them in my apartment, I have grown up with them. My family has always had cats. I vow to have a handful of fluffies again soon enough!

  1. Cats are quiet

Our felines can lurk around your house without you even knowing. They move on silent paws. They are the true hunters of the night. These little ninjas make sure you can still live in peace and quiet. Though some will occasionally meow incessantly in order to be obeyed. So I suppose we ought to keep them happy!

  1. Cats are cuddly

Of course, not all cats are cuddly. It depends on their personality and the way that they have been raised, whether they will like human contact. The cats in my life like to be affectionate. Tintel likes to sit or sleep on my lap. Mike likes any kind of cuddling and wants to be as close to your body as he possibly can (going so far as to plop down on the floor in front of you so you will pick him up). Gabber doesn’t mind lounging on people too and being petted. Should I get more cats in my life, I will be sure to raise them to love cuddling since it is an absolute delight! Tintel would often crawl into my bed with me at night and sleep with me until morning. I miss that still.

  1. Cats are clean

Cats tend to be neat animals. They will clean up after themselves and will even clean themselves. What little people might need to do is clip their nails (if needed), shave them or brush them. Though the former two activities might not make your cat too happy, the latter is often a bonding experience.

  1. Cats are independent

Unlike dogs, who need everything to be done for them, cats can live out their lives with little attendance. Feed them, clean out the litterbox, give them some attention now and then, perhaps brush them and make sure they are healthy by observing them is really all you need to do. It leaves time for other activities (or just more cuddles).

  1. Cats are generally soft

Let’s be honest, the simple fact that most cats are fluffy is absolutely alluring. Even random cats on the street make me stop and attempt to pet them. I do this even when I should be rushing off to class. Cats will be the bane to my grades.

  1. Cats have amazing eyes

The variety in color and shape of said eyes does not take away from their brilliance. There is such depth in them. I always feel like I can truly see a cat’s soul when looking at the creature’s eyes. For example, Tintel has a very strong gaze but she can look at you with kindness and love too. Mike on the other hand, always carries sweet, twinkly eyes on him; a sign that he always wants to be hugged. Gabber, the more introverted of the three, has calmer eyes.

  1. The bond with cats can be magical

I can honestly say that Tintel is one of my best friends. I don’t go out and party with her. I don’t ask her for advice about life. I confide in her though and I confess to her. No matter what I do in life, she will still love me and enjoy being around me. I might not be pretty or perfect, but she only cares that I care. If ever I was sad, her being near me always made me feel better. Her love has always been a divine gift, in my eyes.


Cats! And What They Don’t Have To Worry About

TinnyTo make sure your day might be better or stay better, here is a cat post. These fluffy things deserve a spotlight now and then, even though they’d probably hide in a sock drawer if we physically tried that. Instead, I will write about them. Here are 6 things cats don’t have to worry about; accompanied by that depiction of a lovely fluffy.

  1. Shoe sizes

Or any sizes of clothing, for that matter. Even though some people dress up their cats, something I do not do, there is little to worry about when it comes to sizes. Even if there are size worries, that’s because we insist that they need to wear things. Silly humans.

  1. Paying rent

Many cats live in homes that we pay for. We pay all expenses that they need. Cats don’t even understand the idea of trade or monetary systems. They don’t need a salary, a job and they don’t have bills to pay.

  1. Bedtimes

The lucky fluffballs just sleep when and where they desire. One cat I know (she’s basically my cat but lives with my parents still) who sleeps in the weirdest places and on weird objects. Of course, there are the mainstream boxes she uses. But she is also found sleeping atop plants, in fruit baskets and the ultimate oddity; in the dishwasher…

  1. An education

Cats don’t need a university, even though a cat food company disagrees as they published commercials called ‘Kitten Kollege’. I highly suggest watching them for entertainment purposes, even though they don’t align with my point here. Cats don’t need to figure out what they want to do with their life. They just ‘are’. All of them are cats and that’s all there is to it. Their mothers teach them everything they need to know and instinct tells them the rest.

  1. Cleaning up their room

Cats don’t own things. The most they may ‘own’ is a certain windowsill that the dominant diva cat declared her own. They don’t own toys and such that they keep in a separate room like human children. What little they do interact with, we clean up for them. There are no mother cats that tell them to go clean their room.

  1. Interior design

Even if cats do decide a portion of a place is theirs, they don’t have places such as IKEA that are trying to tell them what their home should look like. They don’t need to install bathrooms and kitchens and then buy matching paintings, plants and blankets for literally everything in there (the bane of my wallet’s existence).

Why You Should Date A Cat Lady

First off, I’d like to quickly explain why I wrote this piece. I admit, I am indeed classifiable as a cat lady myself. This article is not here to try to persuade some lonely man to come to my front door because he thinks a cat lady seems like a great thing now because of this post. No, no. I’m simply trying to send such people onwards to my single cat lady friends. So here’s a guide for men that are contemplating dating a cat lady!

1. She’s Responsible

A cat won’t feed itself! Well, that’s not entirely true, but in modern society, many people keep their cats indoors. That means the owner needs to provide water and food for their feline companions. There is also the litterbox that needs cleaning and various cat breeds require regular brushing to keep their fluff optimally fluffy. If a gal can care for a walking ball of fur then she can likely take care of a man, too.

2. She’s Independent

They say that pets reflect their owners or vice versa. Cats are very independent creatures, unlike canine creatures. Cats are well able to take care of themselves. The lady that adopted one of these beings is likely to be very independent herself. She can provide for herself and organize her life.

3. She’s Full of Love

Have you ever noticed a cat lady looking at a cat, whether it be her own cat or just a random cat on the street? There is an endearing look in her eyes. I can guarantee you that if you manage to steal the heart of a cat lady, she’ll give you an equally loving look.

4. She’s Affectionate

This one is possibly a ‘hidden’ trait. I, for example, would not admit this one too easily to the world but even I agree. One of the things a cat lady enjoys is cuddling her feline friend. Likewise, she’ll like to cuddle her man. Just remember that you’re going to have to share this love with her cat.

5. She Keeps Things Clean

Cats are very clean animals. As stated above, cats and their owners often share traits. Most cat ladies I know (including my perfectionist self) like to keep their home tidy and clean. In my case, I don’t make even the carpets shimmer, but I make sure it’s very welcoming and livable in my home.

6. She Won’t Mind Being Alone

Cat ladies have their furry friends for company. Therefore, it’s fine if you leave her alone with her cat. Many of us will actually appreciate an evening by ourselves once in a while. So go ahead and go out now and again. She won’t mind.

7. She’s Probably Creative

Introverts are more likely to have a cat than extroverts. Extroverts will look for the company of other people while an introvert finds a cat just as pleasant if not more so. Many introverts are creative or exclusive thinkers because they don’t spend all their time and energy on interacting with other people. They tend to think about situations when they are alone. This causes them to develop creative thinking patterns.

8. She Doesn’t Mind Silence

I have those friends that feel that they have to talk to me all the time. By that I mean; all the time! When I feel that a pause would be very appropriate, they fill it with something. Personally, I like people that are able to be comfortably quiet with me; just like my cat can be.

Yes, I truly love my cat. I made a collage...
Yes, I truly love my cat. I made a collage…