Arroyina: Power Gems

Magic cardThe planet that features Nivitera’s Promise is named Arroyina. Powers granted by the gods govern the planet. These powers are contained in magical artifacts known as power gems; enchanted crystals that can be found throughout the world. The kingdom of Hyron, located to the northeast upon the mainland, mines a lot of these gems. This creates an intricate balance between Hyron and its neighbors.

Strengths of power gems

The power contained within each gem is different. Like a vessel, the gem contains a certain amount of energy. When channeling the magic through a power gem, the user must learn to use an appropriate amount to create certain scenarios. Additionally, the more skilled and experienced users can create a larger outcome with less energy because they know precisely how to use the energy in the gem.

Like a vessel does, the gem can run out of energy. It then grows dull and its qualities become nullified. Though it is tricky, a power gem’s user can transfer their own energy into the gem. This is however not a practice that many use since it is very dangerous and could cause a user to lose control of the flow of energy.

While using a power gem, the user will continuously feel a battle of wills. The power gem can easily overpower a user and burn them out or kill them. The user must maintain focus in order to place barriers on the gem’s energy. This makes combat using the objects very difficult due to the amount of distractions. Therefore, many aspiring young people must meditate for countless hours before they acquire their first gem from their tutors.

Types of power gems

Gems appear in various categories, depending on the consequences they can trigger. The groupings are as follows;

  • Common gems
  • Uncommon gems
  • Special gems
  • Rare gems
  • Divine gems

Common gems


Fire gems vary in color from yellow to orange to red to violet. The stone is generally warm, unless there is little to no power remaining within the gem. If it is empty or small, it is colder to the touch.


Water gems are violet, a shade of blue or turquoise. Some are dark enough to be perceived as black. Water gems define themselves by their dark colors and flowing shapes. The edges are always rounded. If a stone is empty or weak, the color will be fainter. If the gem is powerful and/or full, the color is more vivid.


Air gems are light colors. Colors that are included are light hues of grey, white, silver, light blue, light green, light violet, light red, soft pink or vanilla yellow. Gems full of power and energy are lighter. If a stone is empty, it will feel heavier.


Earth gems have deep colors. They are brown, grey or a shade of green; reaching from lime to turquoise. A powerful gem is heavy and resillient. A weak stone is lighter and is more easily harmed. It can become chipped or scarred.


Ice gems are (as the name would suggest) icy colored. Grey, white, silver or light blue is what defines the gem physically. Powerwise, an ice gem is rather cold to the touch. A cool stone is weaker than an actually chilly gem.


A lightning gem is white, yellow or vivid blue. There is no ‘in between’ color. A lightning gem feels ‘tingly’ when touched. It feels dull when it is weak or powerless.

Uncommon gems


A shadow gem is black without exception. However, a power gem is hard to see because it is surrounded in a coat of shadow. Upon holding it, one’s fingers can be coated in this shadow as well. However the coat of darkness is not felt. The power gem uses darkness to power attacks or defenses.


A light gem is white without exceptions. The stone gives off a bright glow however. It can be quite painful to look at, depending on how strong the gem is. The gem is used to manifest light as an element to manipulate into obeying.


A mineral gem can be any color. However, the gem is commonly a mixture of any and all colors; seemingly covered in a plasma of interlocking, vaguely flowing colors. It is not grey, unless empty. Mineral gems allow a person to change atoms to create one element out of others. It is a difficult art and thus a rare kind. It is often used for alchemy, however.


Sound gems aren’t defined by color. They can be any color. However they can be felt vibrating; like a beating heart. A faster beat defines more energy. Sound gems can be used to create and manipulate sound waves. These waves can be of frequencies higher than humans can perceive.

Special gems


A time gem corresponds with the color of the sky at the given moment. At night it is dark. At day, it is lighter. The power gem allows one to stop, speed up or slow time.However, the power gem of time is not an oracle. It can not tell what the future holds. Time travel to the past isn’t possible either. However one can use the gem to retrieve what has happened in the past. Though the time gem freezes time, the user can push themselves through the barriers of being frozen. But it is like ripping their body through glass. It will cut them up and injure them; depending on how strong the time barrier is.


A blood gem is crimson red. It expands and contracts steadily like a heart would. The power gem of blood allows a person to manipulate their own blood or that of another in any way they desire. They can stoll it, speed it up, move it, heat it, cool it. However the gem’s usage is a strain upon one’s own heart since the power gem beats in accordance with the heart of the user.


Cosmic gems are dark with bright spots. The brighter the spots, the stronger the gem is. The cosmic gem allows a person to summon the powers of the universe; hypernovas, supernovas and black holes. Using these powers expose the user to the radiation that outer space would provide.

Rare gems


The spirit gem is transparent. Within it glows the color of the mood of the controller of the spirit gem. It is as strong or weak as the holder of it is. The spirit gem opens the gate between the physical realm and the spirit realm and can draw forth spirits from the other dimension. It can also bring people from the physical world to the spirit  world. Only one spirit gem exists.

Divine gems

The divine gems are special in their own right. Only one of each exists. Each gem links to the god who resides over them. They must be earned. They will not work for anyone but a chosen subject.

Ni’s gem

Ni is the god of courage. His gem is white with intricate patterns of black lines across the surface. What these patterns say, only the gods themselves can divine. The gem grants a user the ability to expand his or her courage to others and to become more intimidating towards others.

Vi’s gem

As Vi is the goddess of strength and power, her gem allows such advantages to its user. It can weaken an opponent and amplify the user’s powers. The gem itself is a blend of magenta, yellow and cyan. These colors cover the surface of the gem in small patches; the edges of each part sharp as a knife so no colors intertwine with others.

Te’s gem

Te is the god of wisdom and knowledge. Her gem grants the user insights that would be unknown to others. It can also partially purge the minds of others. The gem itself is covered in intricate patterns of green, purple and red. The shapes bend and loop around one another but never blend.

Ra’s gem

Finally, Ra reigns over loyalty and selflessness. His gem does nothing such as bind others. It does not cause subjects to become loyal to the other. It does not create kindness either. It simply creates amplified feelings in those around it. Ra, being considered the final god, has all colors upon his gem; in patterns and swirls. The design of it is, understandably, unlike any human art but it is art in its own right.

For a full account of the gods of this world, see this post.

This has been a brief explanation on magical powers used within my magical world.

May destiny be kind to you.


Another Reason to Write

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pen cartoonMy life would make for a terrible novel and an even worse movie. As a series, there would be too little material to make a show or it would become repetitive every episode, really. I don’t do outrageous things. I don’t take on great challenges. I am not within the midst of conflict. My life is quite bland.

I am however not concerned with any of that. I am in a place in my life that I like. I enjoy my studies. The people around me are exceptionally kind and caring. I have no negative persons in my life. I am safe. I am warm. I am well fed. My hobbies are mainly writing, reading and video games. Now and then I watch Netflix or watch Critical Role on YouTube. I am an introvert. I do not go out and party and meet interesting people every week.

My life is plain. My life is simple. I dare say, some would call it boring.

I disagree.

What gives my life meaning is exactly the same thing that makes it so simple. The few people I have in my life, I deeply care for. The conversations that I have with them are so rich and expansive. The places I visit through books and games and even through writing, make me feel like my life is beyond full. The images that are placed within my mind and the thoughts that dwindle are what make life worth it. To me, my life is a collection of wisdom and knowledge; delivered through me in the manner that they are.

Live good. Live with morale. Live wisely.

These aspects also encompass my four principles.

All these things though, I want to share with the world. I want to be kind to others directly but I also want them to feel the things I do when experiencing the written word. I wondered to myself earlier; “Why should I write? It does not make me a better or more fulfilled person to publish a book.” I then resumed to think of what books do for me; the richness and pleasant feeling they deliver to my life. I am not sure that I can be as good as the authors that I read but perhaps I will be. Then, why would I withhold my words from the world if it makes others happy? Why not make the world better with my own written words and images?

I would be robbing the future.

Contemplating a Book 0

Cover-nivitera´s promiseFor years now, just over two (it feels more like five) I have been working on my main project called Nivitera’s Promise; a project that will eventually span four different books. The story was large to begin with, but actually writing it made me realize that one novel would not be enough to encompass its entirety. So instead, I have decided to split the story into four parts. The reason for the number four is that the whole world of Nivitera’s Promise consists of divisions in quarters. This is because there are four gods who control everything, too.

However, I spent today, the second day of my 24th year, contemplating something. What if I wrote a book 0? It seems to be a popular thing in fantasy writing. Many authors write a book 0 before or after their series to explain further things or give information about characters who are featured in their series.

The reason why I want to write a book 0 is to fully exploit my own ideas of the age that past half a millennium ago. There was a large-scale change in the world at that time. It would be interesting to write that out in the form of a (short(er)) book. This would push me to fully indulge in the idea of the past and I will have to point out all of the details very specifically.

The one problem I have however, is that the past event is a very long story on its own. Otherwise, I would love to write it in its entirety. For now, I am considering writing parts of it in ‘book style’ for the above mentioned reasons.

A brief summary

Five hundred years ago, the land of Cavant had not been established. The center of the mainland consisted of independent cities. A young woman who attained magic beyond the limitations of any other human or beast, brought together the majority of this land. In her company, she had Warrior Wolves. It is rumored that she shattered one of the moons to create these ferocious beasts. Combined with other sources of magic and the woman’s ability to fuse souls to matter, they were the fighting force of her reign.

Using her minions and her own magic, she set out from her home city to bring together the cities and establishing the nation of Cavant. Soon after, she crowned herself empress of the nation. Due to her ruthless way and the looming danger of her magic, the surrounding nations soon started to fight back when their borders touched those of the new country. This throws the world into a world war where Cavant attempts to fight two fronts.

Due to that, the newly attained throne was lost to the queen. A handful of powerful magicians and warriors managed to overthrow her within her own fortress; forcing her to execute an action as a last resort. In order to keep her motives alive, she cast away her own shadow using a light and dark gem. She wove her shadow into a physical entity and drew a spirit from beyond the physical world to inherit the newly formed body of darkness. She presented to him her most powerful artifact and tasked him with finding her when next she would reincarnate. Shortly after this, the armies beyond the castle walls found their way to her and ended her life.

Now, half a millennium later, this shadow still roams; seeking desperately for any sign of the reincarnated soul of the fallen queen; the part of him from which he hails. Desperately does he attempt to reconnect with her so to feel whole again and to make her wishes true.


Though I have that basic outline, I still have a few points to work out. The process by which she conquered the world and grew powerful is one. I have a vague idea of how she obtained the magic that she did but it could still use some revamping and tweaking. Finally, I need to expand on the reason for her desire for power and territory. I have a basic idea; anger at the world and the gods and conquering the world could grant her more power so she might challenge even the gods. Perhaps…

Regardless, I really enjoy thinking about the story and the history within the world. Often times while I was writing Nivitera’s Promise itself, I made references to the past. I explained modern culture through subtle dialogue or such that was a result of the past.

Additionally, if I write this story, I would mainly keep it in my large concentration of documents. I can use it as a reference guide for myself. If ever I finish Nivitera’s Promise itself and manage to publish it and it becomes somewhat popular, then I will also rewrite book 0 so the fans can continue to enjoy the world of Arroyina. I’d do it for them.

May destiny be kind to you.

The Story That Might Start It All

Earlier tonight, I read a blog post by one of my favorite bloggers. He seems to know what he’s talking about and he talks about said things with a lot of decency and respect, which I appreciate since it seems so rare (many people just seem to spew words onto the internet without a care).

Although it was not the moral of the particular post, what I remember most from it is that series are not the way to start for ‘entering writers’. Trying to make a name for yourself with a series is unlikely since readers might not want to commit to you. I don’t completely understand that myself since I have picked up a series now and then from people who were then starting writers (granted they were successful afterwards).

Yet the rational side of me understands. The world is abundant with books and movies and other sources of entertainment and material to read. Why would a reader sit down and read three or four of your books? Or why would they attempt to read one by someone they do not know and risk not enjoying it? Or, perhaps they are not willing to pick it up at all since they are not sure of your writing? Perhaps they are not ready to be loyal and wait for that next book to arrive. Perhaps all of the above occur. I can understand.

In conclusion to that post, I made a decision which later I retracted. I tried to write about that decision and it hurt my heart to its depths so I could not commit to it.

I had decided to put Nivitera’s Promise on hold so I could write a novel on its own first so I could try to make a name using that novel. But I could not do that to my own beating heart and I also decided that I would be an enormous phony in doing so.

Why step away from a project that has my heart to come up with something that does not have a single emotion? Why subtract my attention from something that haunts my mind every day? Why abandon, even if for a while, characters that yearn to be heard and to be experienced? Why give all that up to write something I don’t truly want to write? Why write if my heart isn’t in it? A reader would be able to tell, even if I ended up enjoying that story, that I am only using it to find an audience.

So instead I am back where I started but with new-found motivation hat I had lost last month. Nivitera’s Promise is my greatest love; my darling, my dearest. And until it is fully on paper and to my satisfaction, it will not be left alone. And even when written, I will fight for it to earn a place on shelves across the English-speaking nations so it finds its way into the hands of those who it will make smile, laugh and perhaps cry.

This is a story I believe in. This is a story I love. This is a story that has my heart; completely. This is a story that is as close to me as my every other thought. This story is apart of my own beating heart. This is a story that I feel is worth writing. This is a story worth fighting for and thus that is what I will do. Perhaps one day, I can be one of those people who says, “I was told not to start off with a series, but look at me now!” Perhaps it’ll make my dreams come true by being my dreams itself.

May destiny be kind to you.

PS: For any fellow fantasy writers, I highly suggest checking out the blog mentioned; Fantasy Author’s Handbook.

NaNoWriMo 2017 Is Here!

NaNoWriMoNaNoWriMo is back again, and thus so am I! Novels and characters are coming to life all around the globe. This month is always very exciting. It’s honestly my favorite month of them all, despite the early evenings, late mornings, dark days and cold weather (or just the bad weather because my country is weird in that regard). It is very motivating to write stories, light some candles and drink a nice drink all day.

That (and a few other things) is exactly what I did today. I rose at 9 AM and then went off to school to meet up with my team for English Business Communication so we could discuss our pitch. Then we went on to perform said pitch. We passed, which is not bad news either. Then I met up with another team for the module assignment. Then I went home and had lunch. I booted up my computer, turned on my NaNo playlist and sat here for hours since.

An impressive 8.5k now sits in a document next to this one (I write my posts in Word before copying them to WordPress). I’m honestly quite impressed with my own word count thus far, but it is not enough yet. The NaNo site now displays lifetime achievements. It includes my ‘wordiest day’ which is the day on which I wrote the most. It displays a day two years ago when I wrote 10k in one day. I don’t know how, I just know that I did. So I have to surpass at least that! I also expect to surpass the 50k and win as well. I also plan to still buy myself a halo on the NaNo site.

For those of you who are wondering what I am talking about, I will explain.

What is NaNoWriMo?

NaNoWriMo is the abbreviation for National Novel Writing Month. It is an annual event ran by a non-profit organization that wants to stimulate people of all ages to write; whether they are professionals or amateurs. Regardless of whether they are 9 or 90, this project believes everyone can write a book.

During the month of November, (aspiring) authors everywhere try to write 50.000 words in one month. A handy chart helps people keep track of their progress. There are peptalks in the forms and in e-mails you receive. You can join online communities in the forums. Local volunteers help run events for NaNo such as a kick-off and write-ins; which are local writing sessions where you gather with other writers and work on your NaNo novel. I’ve never been to one of those because I am a hermit but they sound fun.

The idea is just to type away to your heart’s desire. 50k might sound like a lot to some people, but that amounts to no more than 1667 words a day, which can be done in just a few hours or less. When you have achieved the 50k, you can unlock special offers for NaNo ‘winners’. Winners are people who earned the 50k. You will receive a happy video of cheering people, words of pride and the special offers I mentioned. These offers include free trials or discounts on writing programs such as Scrivener, cheaper deals on self-publishing a book somewhere, offers for cover designs or even discounts on writing courses. Exciting stuff, I think!

NaNo stats 2015
These were my NaNoWriMo stats after 2015. Yes, this is a not-so-humble brag.

Personally, I think NaNo is an amazing initiative. Ever since I found out about it, I have been passionate about it. I have done my best to spread the word about the idea with anyone who had even the slightest dream of writing a novel. I’m not about to stop that either!

Now then, with that having all been said, I will proceed to having dinner and then continuing my writing journey. IF anyone wants to contact me, my NaNoName is Tristin Worth.

May destiny be kind to you.

Ettalin; “May Destiny Be Kind To You”

My bucket list mentions several writing projects. One of them is what I have thus far dubbed the Primary Trilogy; a collection of books based on blue, red and yellow, respectively. The reason for these colors is three dragons who play a main role. Their scales have those colors, I’m sure you could guess that.

Though I am willing to tell the plot of the Primary Trilogy as soon as I’m done plotting, I can not do that yet. It is still in progress. It is a slow but that nonetheless. Meanwhile, I have been working on something related to it (in what little time I have). I have been working on something called Ettalin.

I’m sure your first thought is, “What the heck is Ettalin?” Well, dear reader, I will explain that!

Ettalin is the language used in the Primary Trilogy by the dragon race. They were the creators of the language and gifted it to other races of the land. Since dragons are the closest link to magic, it is also the tongue of magicians.

Creating a whole new language is hard work. You need to come up with rules for grammar (or use native ones but I’m choosing not to). I have a lengthy document with words and phrases of importance. There are also small paragraphs to explain how sentences need to be constructed. There are also certain ways to greet other individuals that I’ve elaborated. The oldest children are called differently than the younger ones. It’s pretty complex.

Of course, there will be a lot of things missing from the language. I don’t need a complete language since I will only be using the language in small portions. When writing spells or small portions of conversations, I will use it. I can also use it when the characters are learning about the world and magic. I can title certain factions or locations accordingly but that is about the extent of language I need.

It’s a fun endeavor. I am even changing numbers. Instead of going by 10’s, I am going by 8’s. I drew eight shapes to match the numbers, too. There is a ton of information about seasons too. There are colors and gemstones, animals and weather.

There is a ton of information and it is almost impossible to keep everything organized. I’ve been considering using Scrivener for it. It would definitely help keep things organized. If anyone would like to donate a subscription, that would be wonderful. Joking, of course.

While typing this post, I wanted to come up with a nice way to end it. I spent a while skimming through my document to find out how I would translate the sentence in my mind while still using the right grammar rules. The sentence is as follows:

“Lez kwanye yull penga’nt amirl ai fayamay’nt am Vinn.”

Now, I know that looks like a bunch of jumbled letters to everyone. So in an attempt to teach a bit of Ettalin to my readers, I will explain how I came up with it.

The sentence states that I am wishing a pleasant destiny to you forever. The sentence literally translates to the following:

“I wishing if destiny’s kindness in forever with you.”

The sentence suggests something that is not necessarily true. Reality can be different. When you say, “That ball is blue.” you are describing a ball. There is certainty. You can look at the ball and know if it is blue. It is not the case with this sentence.

When suggesting something, a wish in this case, you use ‘kwanye yull’ after stating who wishes it. If you yourself wish it, you say ‘lez’ (“I”). If it is a general wish with no one stating it, you do not mention anyone.

‘Penga’nt’ is a contraction of ‘penga int’ which translates to ‘destiny’s’ or ‘of destiny’. ‘Amirl’ is the word for kindness and peace; a harmony. It is a sensation without a clear translation. In the way it is used here, it means ‘destiny’s kindness’.

‘Ai fayamay’nt’ is literally ‘in forever’s’. Here too you see the contraction with the word ‘int’, meaning that what comes next belongs to the word before it. ‘Fayamay’ is something endless and eternal. So if something belongs to it, that something would also be endless. Though you’d expect that something would come after ‘fayamay’nt’, I have decided that that contraction by itself is simply the way ‘forever’ is said; in regards with the rest of the explanation here.

Finally we have ‘am Vinn’. This is literally ‘with you’. There are two ways to spell ‘you’. One is formal and the other is informal. Because I do not know my readers, I have chosen to use the formal version that is ‘Vinn’. The informal version would be ‘vin’; one less letter and no capital.

So, that has been a brief lesson on Ettalin. Don’t worry, I won’t be quizzing you on it.

Anyway; till next time and lez kwanye yull penga’nt amirl ai fayamay’nt am Vinn!


Help Me Write!

Upon this very early morning, I was working on a project for university involving a marketing plan for a real company. While I was typing away about the company’s current plan and direction, I had some tender music playing. The cause of the music was to create a certain mood; a sensation.

I spent several hours trying to figure out what I could do with it. I had an idea for it, yes, but I wasn’t sure how to transform the feelings into actual words. I wanted to write it into a very passionate story full of emotion and calls to one’s heart (or of course; I’d attempt this). Many scenes flashed before my eyes. Two characters appeared in my mind and it was obvious to me that they’d have to be madly in love with each other. But what else?

For the life of me, I could not come up with a setting, a plot, an antagonist for one of these characters or both. There’s a powerful sensation of inspiration and dedication as well as confidence that it can be ‘good’. But there is more to a story than just the wish to make it something that an audience will enjoy.

That is why I find it a tad humorous when people tell me, “Write something!” when I indicate that I’m not sure what to do with my spare time. If it were as easy as simply doing it, I’d have tons of stories. They wouldn’t be good, but they’d be there. I think many writers face such a dilemma. There is a drive to write. There is a desire to create but all the while one element is lacking.

There could be no good characters. There could be no conflict. There could be plot holes. There could be no plot at all. There could be a lack of time or consistency. There is a lot to consider when structuring a story as well as creating it. I have the utmost respect for people who start writing and simply go with it and create something very good. These are the people I admire more than the writers who spend ages writing and revising their work. It is not because they succeed quickly, but they succeed mainly on their own willpower.

I considered time and time again to make a habit out of writing. I got around to doing so last year but with the emergence of my schoolwork, it seems my teachers believe I don’t have other passions outside of the pursuit of my dreams.

Of course I’m excusing myself now. If I really wanted to, I could make a habit out of writing but as I said before, if I do so after a long day, I will be bad. It will be very bad. Nothing about it will be good. I’m not even sure if the practice would help since it would be forced after a day of homework and study.

Nonetheless; I still want to make it happen, so I can eventually finish Nivitera’s Promise; my main project. Even my uncle is asking about it now. ‘How’s the novel going?” he’ll ask. I always feel a bit sad when I need to tell him that there hasn’t been any progress aside from a bit of world building or vague plotting.

So in an attempt to find a way to make room for writing a bit now and then in my hectic schedule; I turn to the internet. Do you have tips for me? Any and all ideas are welcome.

Thank you in advance!

Through Reading


Today (or rather yesterday since it’s already Saturday) I spent many hours scanning the internet to increase my stock of physical reading material. There is a ‘gap’ on my bookshelf, you see. I feel it needs to be filled.

I typed a few key words into the search bar of a website I enjoy browsing. I hoped to find new titles that I had not come across before. It began to don on me though; my appeal towards English books has drastically increased. In the past, I have commonly preferred English books if that was the original language. Nowadays I find my tolerance of Dutch writings declining even more. I feel that my education is to take partial responsibility for this yet it remains to be a peculiar change.

I ordered a total of five books. Three out of these five are English titles. One of the novels is about writing my preferred genre. I thought there would be no better way to learn than through the language I like to write in as well. The second novel was a fiction story I had read when I was younger. The final one was a language-oriented book. As I am doing in university at the moment too, I feel comfortable learning a new language from the English point.

English is a rich language. Therefore I think it can expand lushly into the new, foreign language. While in Dutch we have but one word for something, in English there is an abundance of words, phrases and expressions to lead to the same outcome. This means, to me, that the language has a more poetic allure to it. This is also why I prefer its embrace for my own words and stories. It is even commonly the voice of my thoughts. It has been that for well over a decade even before I started my education that is taught strictly in the English language.

Dutch can come across as a very professional language however. It gets to the point very quickly rather than hovering in empty space filled with poetry. This is likely a consequence of Dutch culture. The Dutch are very straightforward people. We enjoy getting to the point. We find it displeasing when people beat about the bush. The Dutch are often thought of as rude or blunt for speaking so openly. It is not seen likewise by fellow Dutch citizens. In our opinion, withholding the truth is rude instead.

Language is a powerful tool. That is why I aim to learn multiples. As I am increasing my understanding of the cultures from which the languages descend, I am starting to make connections. It is interesting to me. It reveals ‘aha’ moments for me and points to facts that I had never thought of before. When I was in high school, I had to analyze novels very intimately. In comparison to my current knowledge, the thoughts I had about the stories then was miniscule.

I am one who lives through the mind. I like to know and understand. It is a path to wisdom, I am willing to believe. That is why I have set myself on the path to understanding the world and its many languages; even if I can only learn but a handful of them. For through the understanding of a language, I can learn all that the natives of that language have uncovered in turn. It is a doorway to an enormous castle of renewed sources and I have found the key. All that is left for me to do is to turn it.

Irvin Gash; Analyzing Cavateh

cavateh-detailedI decided to write a little information about a character I’m quite fond of; Cavateh the dragon. It might be odd to say, but he’s a character that really ‘opened up to me’. He’s a character I managed to understand and figure out. He let me in to understand the fickle patterns of his mind and the inner workings of his personality. Of course he’s very complex and it’s hard to incorporate one’s true identity completely in just a short form. No form could truly do it at all, but here’s what little I can tell you about him.



Basic information

Name Cavateh
Definition Ice fire / ice of fire / burning ice
Nickname(s) Cava / Silver Eye
Gender Male
Crystal Sapphire
Physical age 3 years
Mental age 2000+ years

Physical attributes

Eye color Silver
Scale color Midnight/steel blue
Wing color Deep blue; a tad brighter than the scales
Build Slender limbs, aside from muscular shoulders and haunches. large wings, broad horns and claws, rounded attributes
Height 4,20m (at the shoulders)
Mentionable attributes


Bloodline Emandon + Aglass
Siblings Aravis, Symonta


Overall personality A diplomatic, formal approach. Cava does not refer to emotions often. He is usually analytical. He tends to be either calm or fired up. When agitated, he will raise his voice and speak more openly about his opinions.
Relationships Before bonding with someone, Cava will be kind, formal and honest with people. He will not easily leave anyone out, even if he is skeptical. His skepticism grows stronger around those he cares about in order to ensure they are safe. Once he cares for another person, he is very protective of them and watchful. He will sacrifice for them in order to keep them out of harm’s way. Cava can grow angry when someone harms those he loves.
History Cavateh is the offspring of two ancient dragons; veterans of an old war and establishers of the new world. They were the only ones that remained after the Ancient War. He carries many of their memories with him, however not of them as they were. Cava does not initially know his parents too well. It is only through his adventures that he obtains knowledge of them. As the descendant of ancient heroes, Cava feels compelled to protect the world from darkness and evil. This is what initially draws out the courage of his sapphire gem.
Talents A skilled flyer, a good listener, analytical
Fears Death without accomplishments, stagnant situations

Further information


Place in the story

Introduction Cavateh is first introduced in his alternative form, before he interacts with Ailena; the human he chooses to bond with. He comes in contact with her through the intervention of Ailena’s grandfather. After their first meeting, Cavateh’s true identity becomes steadily more apparent.
Role Cavateh acts as a supportive role for Ailena by guiding her through his memories and by teaching her what little he knows. He acts as her key to a new destiny; a new future.

Note: I wanted to write more about the role and the storyline, but I don’t want to give out any spoilers. Maybe I’ll write that in another post but I’ll place a big spoiler warning on it, don’t worry!

Story Ideas

There’s the soft clicking of my heels on the stone pavement and the occasional sound of a leaf being crushed. My thoughts dwindle and spiral about like autumn leaves in the wind. Yes, the season of decline is upon us. It’s been rainy, windy and gloomy. Although our summer wasn’t a very spectacular season, I still miss it. That’s, of course, partially due to not having much to do over summer; other than hanging out and sleeping in. Good times…

Now, I am attending university. It’s a daily task; walking to school, attending lectures, classes and/or workshops, heading homework, doing homework and so on. It’s very time and energy consuming. That’s part of the reason why I haven’t gotten around to writing much. It’s a shame, too. The other night, I was simply hanging out in my house, enjoying the gift called ‘weekend’ and I had a million and one story ideas in my head. I decided to write a few of them down for you to read! They are still very incomplete so bear with me here.

Ballads of the Heavens

This would be either a three-part series or a book divided into three parts; Ballad of the Sun, Ballad of the Moon and Ballad of the Stars. In this more 2D-esque world, the earth is flat and above is the sky; the heavens. They are what humanity sees.

An astrologer’s daughter, Daes, is a strong believer in the predictions from the heavens. It is common in her village to listen to the stars to hear fortunes and predictions. When her father makes the prediction that fire will rain from the sky and the heavenly bodies condemn the earth, she panics and tries to find a solution. Her father tells her that the only hope is to learn the ballads of the three ruling entities; the sun, the moon and the committee of stars.

Daes, being a bit of a musician herself, follows her father’s instructions and finds the woman who resides in the highest mountains; a place thought to be closely linked to the heavens. The old woman, who is also an astrologer, tells her that she must perform three good deeds; one for each heavenly body. Only then will they start to pay attention to her. Next, she must learn the three songs of the heavens. The three songs are spread across the land; one in each direction. They will be taught to her by riddles. If she can solve the riddle and play the song at the dedication location, the ruling body the song belongs to will refrain from harming the earth.

Daes sets off on this adventure with her provisions and a harp. Along her travels, she meets Eram; a traveling jester who plays the lute. He too has heard of the impending doom. The two venture onwards together to attempt to stop the tragedy that has been foretold. The two meet Cayan; a young swordsman who strives to become a hero. When Daes explains the fate of the world to him, he joins the two travelers without hesitation. He presents a flute to them that might aid in them.

After fulfilling the needed deeds, Daes and her comrades retrieve the first ballad; the sun ballad. They perform the song at the sun spring. The melody triggers a transformation. A spirit within Cayan awakens and turns him into a mystical shape who finds himself intimately connected with the sun; able to speak to it and request peace from it. The sun listens. Cayan explains that Daes and Eram must speak to the remaining heavenly bodies to compel them to agree to peace as well. He, in turn, will remain in the sun spring as is his destiny. He wishes his comrades farewell. It is up to Daes and Eram to continue their journey together.

(I realize now that this could also make for an interesting video game.)


This story still needs a lot of fleshing out. I have the basic concept though. A certain ‘type’ of people will exist. They are considered the wholehearted since they have hearts that are stronger than those of halfhearted people. The halfhearted people often hunt the wholehearted in an attempt to literally steal their hearts and make it their own. The hearts of the wholehearted granted immortality and other incredible powers.

The existence of these conditions makes a love story nearly impossible. What if a wholehearted falls in love with a halfhearted? Would her or she know for sure if the other person loves them in return or if they simply desire the power of their hearts? Furthermore, it is possible for a wholehearted to corrupt their own hearts; causing them to lose their powers. There is also the possibility of a wholehearted granting part of their heart to another person; forever binding them. This could be used to save another person who is on the verge of death by sharing one’s heart and life force with them.

What I will do with this story-wise is still a tricky question, but regardless, I want there to be something involving love. Rest assured that there will be a line in the story referencing that the person loves the other wholeheartedly!

Broken Halo

As the name might suggest, this story follows an angel, Zon, who has been banished from heaven. She was tricked into committing a crime and was thus sent to live among the human; causing her to lose her wings, he halo and any of her other powers. Zon finds human life to be tedious. She is determined to retrieve her angel status. But along the way, she meets a human man. He shows her how delightful life can be and she decides to tell him her secret. He pledges to help her.

Yet along the way, Zon begins to feel troubled. Is she sure she wants to leave the human world to return to the heavens? It would mean leaving behind the man she got to know and all the customs she has gotten used to. The turbulence of happiness and sadness that humans experience intrigues her and she is delighted to experience it. When Zon reaches a point where heaven is willing to welcome her again, she refuses their offer. She stays on earth.

After some time has passed, Zon notices drastic changes. An earthquake shatters her home. When she investigates the cause, she notices that the cracks are not but from earth itself. They are broken barriers between the world of the mortals and the world of shadows; the realm that houses all evils. Zon, desperate to protect the human beings she has come to love, calls out to heaven to recruit her once again. She is accepted and she is given her wings. Upon flying back to heaven, she is told that shadows have begun to claw their way to the world of the mortals and will advance further if they are able to overtake earth. Zon joins the angel army to fight for earth’s survival.

During one of her battles on the earth, she finds the man she loves in the clutches of a shadow. Zon knows that humans nor angels are allowed to kill, but she knows that a shadow can inflict psychological damage. In order to save him from nightmares and such, Zon decides to break the highest law of her angel code. She pierces the heart of her lover with a heavenly arrow. Zon knows the punishment that will follow. As she watches the soul of her lover be taken up to heaven, she finds herself returning to the earth as human. Because she, an angel, took the life of a mortal, the soul of this mortal is given to the one she serves; heaven. The soul is held there forever. Zon knows he will be able to bask in the light and love of heaven’s embrace for eternity.

As Zon whispers her farewell, she notices a cold grip around her body; one that drags her down into the depths below the earth. Never had she expected to know the sensation of death. It was then that she realized her time as angel and her time as human was at an end. Forever she stays below the earth; weeping with a broken halo.

So, question!

Would any of you like to see me write one of these and post it on my blog piece by piece? It might be a fun project to do. Let me know what your thoughts are. If the results are ‘Anything is fine’ I will consider Ballads of the Heavens myself.

Have a pleasant week, internet!