Our Faith: Energies

During April of this year, I wrote a post about our faith; something that I, my friend and many others believe. In that post, I described four principles that we try to live by. They pertain to kindness, gentleness, honesty and openness. These should lead to a prosperous and successful life. In this post however, I want to talk about the three energies that we believe people have.

Physical energy

The physical energy is the most obvious one. It is observable in everything you do. As I write, I am using energy to drive my fingers on this keyboard. You are moving your eyes while reading this and your brain is processing it. While this is happening, many processes in your body are at work without you even paying them any heed. These processes use, maintain and produce physical energy with which you can continue doing whatever you fancy doing.

Mental energy

The mental energy is the energy of our thoughts. Science is beginning to understand the power of our minds already and I am sure they are only scratching the surface of how incredibly powerful our brains truly are.

In our faith (and some others as well as in some scientific theories) it is believed that the mind has powers greater than the sum of its parts. It can utilize the law of attraction (pulling to you that which you think of), an ability to transfer energies (transfer motivation, inspiration or positive energy to other persons through visualization), influence our own state (obtain calm through meditation) as well as consciously channel other energies such as that of the soul and the spirit. Besides this, of course, the brain thinks.

Granted, many of these things are reserved for humans, but animals have brains too and they might be able to subconsciously perform some of these acts as well. In the mean time, plants too are able to think albeit differently than we do. Flora has a set of cells that exchange information to decide whether a certain process should be started (such as sprouting from the ground while still a seed). It does this by investigating the environment and then exchanging the information among these cells. I think that is incredible.

(I should probably have looked for the source where I found this. I might do this at a later time if I can be bothered.)

Spiritual energy

It’s hard to compare the other energies to this one since this one is more powerful than the other two put together. Sure, the other two are very important for your survival and your ability to function in general so you’re not a vegetable, but spiritual energy is the driving factor of everything else. It drives the desires of your heart, the values in your mind, your very beliefs and other properties that do not pertain to physical bodies. It lets you perceive things about the world if you are able to consciously tap into it. This utilization of the spiritual energy is commonly known as psychic; not to be mistaken with the term ‘clairvoyant’ (only pertains to seeing certain things). Psychics can use all senses or a selection of senses to observe the metaphysical world. Psychics observe the spiritual energies within the world; the souls of the dead and the energies around the living. This creates a whole new experience.

For those who can tap into the pool of spiritual energies, another world opens up to them. Not only does another dimension appear to them, but many can utilize other abilities as well. Abilities vary per person so the list of capabilities is nearly endless. Possibilities include; spiritual healing, mediating with (non)physical spirits, observing auras and foretelling the future or retrieving the past. If this sounds like a supernatural novel in waiting, it might as well be, but is also is my reality. I myself too have honed a few of these ‘skills’ but what they might mean for you, my dear reader, is only for a few psychics to foresee.

May destiny be kind to you.


Our Faith; Four Principles

It was about three and a half years ago when this conversation occurred. It took place between myself, a dear friend and a young man. The conversation’s lead I do not remember, but I remember the following;

Young man; “So then, what is it that you two believe?”

Me; “I can’t explain. If you believe it, then you just know.”

Young man; “Ugh, women…”

Friend; “It’s not just women. We know men who believe this too and I’m sure they’d agree.”

It took me a lot of time to finally begin to comprehend, in modern English words, what I/we believe. In my dreams, I often have in depth conversations with people about these beliefs but they are never held in any language that I know. While in these dreams though, everything makes sense and the conversations have a lot of depth and content. Yet when I wake up, I am unable to reproduce any of this.

So after both having done my third set of exams (yay!) as well as some long thinking, I have come up with the basics of what we believe. To keep things simple for now, I will explain the four basic principles. I spoke to my friend about this too and she agrees that they encompass mostly what we feel is important. So here are the four basic principles for a faith that has no name.

Be kind

When considering kindness, this means that you extend a helping hand to others. You treat them in a fashion that you would like to be treated by others. You attempt to be considerate of the feelings and thoughts of others and will not judge them for it. Yet while emanating such kindness into the world, you also need to give it to yourself. You need to give to yourself that which you need; food, sleep, relaxation and anything else that you might need that is not based on material needs. Perhaps you enjoy exercise to help your body. Perhaps you like to read to enhance your knowledge. Perhaps you enjoy creative outlets. These are also forms of being kind to yourself.

Be gentle

The second principle is based on gentleness. This does not entail you can not be assertive in what you need and want. It means that you will be a calm person and be gentle to yourself and your surroundings. You will be gentle to animals and other forms of nature. You will be kind to trees and plants and will be considerate of their contribution. A gentle nature also means that you will be gentle in emotions. Though you may become upset or angry, it is important to understand why so you can attempt to resolve it and be calm and gentle once again. By solving your problems, you are being good to yourself. Also included in this principle is patience. This principle is closely linked with the first.

Be true

This principle asks that you be honest and fair with the world and yourself. You need to accept what the world gives you and treat it as its honesty. Also be honest with yourself and accept what and who you are. If you have flaws, that is okay. Be aware of them and accept them to the best of your ability. The principle of truth also means that you need to attempt to be yourself; the real, true you. It means that you follow what your heart tells you is right. In doing so, you must still be aware of facts that the world presents to you. Ignorance is definitely not bliss. Be curious of the world and attempt to uncover its secrets. Look beyond the veil. Do this with people in your life too. Judge them for their heart only if you know their heart’s contents and intent.

Be open

Being open means being curious as well as open-minded. Do not shut yourself off from the world and other people. See experiences as building blocks for your own self. If things go well, you are being rewarded. If things are tough, you are being given a lesson. Such an awareness will help you face hardships. Expansion of the mind and personal, spiritual growth are the path that our beliefs attempt to place people on. Being open also means that attempting to accept anything that comes your way. Letting go and simply enduring might be hard but it is often the best way to overcome hardships.

By combining all these principles, you can attempt to be an overall good person who strives to do what is right and to grow. This will ultimately lead to the greater goals in our faith; completion, connection and infinite love. I will write more about this next time. I wish to keep this post simple and basic so it doesn’t become overwhelming. If you are still curious however, be patient and it will come to you.

May destiny be kind to you.