Trizzy’s Creature Compendium #2: Phoena and Kahimé

Welcome to Trizzy’s Creature Compendium! I like to write about all the magical creatures I have made up in my lifetime. Though I wish I was, I am not a physical artist and thus I do not have pictures to add to these posts. Regardless, I hope these entries inspire fellow fantasy writers.

Phoena and Kahimé

Basic information

Category: Legendary
Intelligence: Positive
Power: Magical, weaponry
Size: Average and large
Habitat: Lava cavern

Phoena and Kahimé are two beings who are bonded in more than heart and soul. Phoena, who is the true emperor of the land, is the embodiment of fire. He is a large, ancient phoenix who reigns embers. Kahimé is a human girl, who, through a link with Phoena, can use his magic. The two share a life force and even a location beyond spacetime where the two can converse over long distances. When one closes their eyes, they see the other. Not only fused in heart and soul, the two can even transcend their physical bodies and merge. The result of this is a fire-engulfed humanoid whose arms mirror the fiery wings of Phoena, with seven fiery tails trailing behind and even Phoena’s head and neck extended from Kahimé’s own head.


Phoena functions as the true emperor of the kingdom, despite the existence of a king and queen. Kahimé is the princess of this kingdom as well as the link between Pheona and mankind.


In order to save her people, a young woman made a deal with the ancient phoenix called Phoena. He would no longer harm humanity, if in return a link would come into existence between mankind and himself. The young woman accepted his proposal. Her bravery and solution earned her the love and affection of the young king. The second child of this pair, the girl Kahimé, was the link that Phoena had envisioned. Only the girl’s mother and Phoena knew of the deal that had been made; leaving the girl to find her way alone in a turbulent household and a turbulent state of existence. Eventually, she became aware of Phoena and physically found her way to him; sheltering herself in his warm embrace.


Phoena is an enormous phoenix with a wingspan that towers above average buildings. A red-hot beak and red-hot talons are the least of anyone’s worries. Embers rain from his majestic form while seven tails trail behind him. Phoena is a sun in every sky.

Kahimé is a fair young lass with light skin, eyes like embers and ash-colored hair. When using her fiery abilities, her hair turns from ash to a cascade of flame and her skin glows with the heat that dwells within her.

Otherwise, the two merge into a creature that has never been seen in the world before; making the pair of them legendary.


Phoena, being the majestic and ancient creature he is, is wise and stubborn as he has held to his habits for countless years. Despite all of this, he has a strong heart and cares greatly for both Kahimé and the well-being of the kingdom over which he is the true emperor. When the young prince, who is also Kahimé’s brother attempts to take the crown after both their parents passed, Phoena and Kahimé protest against this. Phoena feels that he, as the true emperor is the one who ought to crown any successors.

Kahimé is a lass who always attempts to be kind, since that is something her mother is trying to make her learn. During her youth however, she uncommonly met others and remained sheltered by her family. Her bond with her brother was strong, until turbulent days struck and tore the family apart. Otherwise, Kahimé always struggled with her powers of fire since no one was willing or able to explain them to her. Due to fear of rejection, Kahimé tried to hide her fiery side. Only once did she display it to her brother through sheer luck and an accident.

The bond between Kahimé and Phoena is strong enough that the two share in emotions and are reluctant to leave each other’s side at any time. What one is passionate about, the other is too.

World involvement

Before the king and queen established their family, the bravest of the land tried to defeat the phoenix but never found success. The treaty between the queen and the phoenix solved the problem, even though the queen revealed nothing of it to her family. Often either regretful or unsure of her choice, the queen kept a distance between herself and her daughter; silently aware of the girl’s connection to the ancient phoenix.

Until a war changes the balance of the young kingdom and its position, Phoena remains in his mountain home; a cavern with lava floors where he slumbers; watching Kahimé through her own eyes and visiting her in her dreams. Eventually she comes to him and he rises from the pit of lava to meet her in his full glory.

Power spectrum

Both Phoena and Kahimé are immensely powerful on their own. The phoenix’s flight rains embers on those below. His form alone sends immense heat into the air around him; making persons in metal armor rather uncomfortable. He can use his wings and his tails to touch things to set them on fire or he uses his talons or claws to attack.

Kahimé was schooled in the art of swordsmanship as a girl. Often times, she will set fire to her sword and use it to slash at persons to burn them. She also casts fire with her hands and body. Her touch will harm persons in general, if she uses her fiery powers.

Combined, the two emphasize each other’s powers and work in perfect unison. Their touch melts objects and leaves the ground in ashes. A flick of the wings sends balls of fire forward and Kahimé’s sword becomes ever more dangerous; the flames of it slashing about of their own accord. As a merged being, the two can fly over armies and send down scorching heat, fireballs and Kahimé’s extended sword; causing destruction wherever they desire. The two have also been known to dive into crowds to set everything in their wake on fire; rising from their own ashes immediately after.

Few things, other than other magical deities can hurt either, let alone their combined might.