Gifting on Valentine’s

This past Wednesday, it was the 14th of February, as your calendar may have indicated. It was the day of hearts, cards and chocolates. I only got a few emoji versions of the first. Yet again, I had no cards or chocolates to enjoy. What I did however enjoy was my day off from classes and the company of my pseudo-Valentine; kind of so and kind of no.

A long-distance romance doesn’t offer much though aside from company. Unless you are called Tristin and decide that that is not enough. I made my Valentine a personalized gift.

Color cats with background and heart

I spent quite some time drawing it. I forgot the time and also my homework. I had also intended to write a post for Friday but failed quite extraordinarily. Thusly, I am sticking with this off-topic and artsy post instead and I’m leaving it at that. Wednesday’s post is already scheduled so no worries there.

Have a nice weekend and may destiny be kind to you!