To Govern is to Set the Stage

As rings true for real life countries and kingdoms, it is also so in fictional locations. Everything needs some form of governance; be it a monarch and his entire family ruling the world, or might it be one farmer leading his farm and two stable hands. There is a form of leadership everywhere and anywhere.

I considered writing a summary of the governance I constructed for the nation of Hyron, featured in Nivitera’s Promise as the homeland for a crucial character, but I realized that such a post would become very long and drag away from the actual point at hand. So, I will leave that one for another time and for now I will feature something else.

I present to you the largest nation in the world of Arroyina and the center stage of the majority of the story; Cavant. This nation encompasses about a third of the world; including the islands surrounding the mainland. The nation, due to its size, encompasses grand varieties in landscape from mountain ranges to a desert wasteland as well as trees and meadow.

In the southern region of the country, most of the cities are located, including the grand capital of Imbirin. This city sits at the foot of a tall hill upon which stands a large castle where from the three kings of Cavant rule. Unlike the other nations in this world, the three kings stay within Imbirin at all time and rarely depart from their grand estates. Their rules and orders are carried out by other parties in their name. Only a select few are included in the inner circle of these three rulers. They are employed on the council of these lords and they too, rarely show their faces. The rule of the nation is questionable. Yet the nation prospers so the people are not concerned. As long as they are well, they do not bother their rulers.

There is a strong contrast between these three kings and the authorities of the other nations. The authority figures elsewhere present themselves to the public and rule actively and will listen to the opinions of the people; opening channels for two-way communication. Some nations employ democracy at different levels while others simply promise to rule in the name of the people when inheriting a throne and crown.

Not only am I trying to indicate that the forms of government in my world varies per country, but I am also trying to promote the importance of government. Not only does it help your worldbuilding, but it narrows the confines within which your characters can act. This may sound like a negative thing, but it makes the story thicker because there will be reasons why a character might not do certain things. An example of this is that a character might refrain from murdering someone, because murder is illegal. It can be as simple as that.

The simplicity of government can also be replaced by the complexity of government (note my statement from earlier about wishing to talk about Hyron but having it take too much space and time). The beauty of being able to create your own government is that you can make this government do anything you want. It, by itself, is an entity at a rank just below the gods. They can change anything in the nations they rule and thus that can also trigger plot twists or character reactions. I encourage you to wander into the realm of politics.

Personally, I am a semi-active person in real life politics. I joined a political party, always vote when allowed to and try to keep track of developments and major adjustments to legislation. Though this is not my reason for being interested in fictional politics as well (which I am). The reason for it is that

it is such a powerful tool for plot development. It is a powerful tool for emotions in characters. It is a powerful tool for decision-making developments. It is such a powerful tool to make your worlds flourish. It sets the stage for numerous, interesting activities. Grasp the opportunity. Install a form of government wherever you go.

May destiny be kind to you.